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I go back to Under 14 days at Lesco. We had a lekker team back then, Anees Mayet, Hoosain Mayet, Ebie Ahmed, Small Moose, Soll, Freds, Ajam. We had a lad from Pimpville I think called Black Mems. One day Anees Mayet had the flu and Mems deputised. We were attacking in the opponnts half when the referee started screaming and running towards our poles. He pulled out a Yellow card and brandished it at Black Mems. And that was the first time I sen and played with a oke that got a YELLOW CARD for peeing in the poles while the game was going on. This leads us to the MUGG OF THE WEEK. I thought we will give a breather to the soccer guys as they deserve a break.




Nick Heidfeld let slip in an interview more than what his fans bargained for – he has urinated at the wheel of his F1 car.
The Q&A feature in the popular German tabloid Bild is a mark of his growing stature in the Grand Prix paddock.
But when asked if he has ever urinated during a race, BMW-Sauber’s Heidfeld – the normally shy German who turns 30 later

“Yes,” he told the newspaper, “it has happened before. “What am I supposed to do, pull into the pits and ask to have a toilet break?”
The comic interviewer then asked Heidfeld if television viewers should pay close attention for a wet patch on his overalls if, as expected, he races to the podium in 2007.
“It tends to evaporate pretty quickly,” Nick smiled.



How could you Nick. And because Shumi is no longer there Nick Heidfeld YOU ARE THE MUGG OF THE WEEK FOR PEEING IN YOUR CAR.


People Dont Swim in your toilet Nick So dont also go pee in their Pools.

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  • Anonymous
    May 8, 2007 at 12:16 pm Reply

    LMAO.The commrades runners also pee during the race while running but Imagine peeing at 300kph WOW!

  • Anonymous
    May 8, 2007 at 5:04 pm Reply

    I cant believe you actually say wow to that. EW! Is a better expression and oh so eloquent . Must just say it with tajweed. Girl_interrupted

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