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After a hectic weekend,and a good Sunday sleep, Zee Mayet called me in the afternoon and told me about the soccer legends and the Liverpool legends that were playing Astro Soccer at Sandton Square. I decided to get there as quick as I could.

I was not sorry. Seeing the greats like Jan Molby,Ronnie Whelan,Gary Gilespie, Phil Thompson,Micheal Thomas, Bruce Grobbelaar, Nigel Spackman,Michael Thomas, Viv Anderson, avis MAy and many others was indeed a priviledge. They Still Got it. After a while I met Cisse who is a staunch member of the Kop.Autographs were going to be tough. Anyway me and Cisse went to the gates and the “THE THEORY OF THE KLEEPAH” proved 100% DEAD ON. IMAGINE THAT! Anyway we went round and all of a sudden THOMPSON yelled “Cisse,is that YOU!”

NEXT THING you know were in V.I.P courtesy of my man Cisse.The pictures tell the story.
We met many of the lads.They were down to Earth and we chatted about Footie and 2010. Awesome if you a Liverpool Fan

I was lucky to get a pic with Andre Arendse, David Nyhati & Eric Tinkler. I spoke to Andre about his experiences.Very enlightening. All I had to do was just sing teh Italian Anthem.I felt like I was posing for a team shot before kICK OFF

Cisse pulled out one of the Legendry Liverpool kits.Here Phil Thompson signs for Cisse

This was supposed to be Gary Girlespi.Bad Photo.Cisse was in form

Me and Micheal Thomas.What a oke.Had a brief chat to him also

Cisse and Rhonnie Whelan. What a player. Cisse got some priceless Autographs

The Legends at Work.Liverpool Legends vs SA legends. Hows Shakes Kongwane.In the pic Jan Molby

The Wobbly legs. I met Bruce later on believe it or not at the Michaelangelo.Synonymous to that Incredible Night in Rome

A muslim lity that was displaying some sublime skills. His name is Abbas I think.We Youtubed a video of his skills at the bottom
lekker atmosphere
Myself and Swaar in the class of Mandela
Met up wuth Saadia.Team Member for the Charity Fun Day
Myself and Viv Anderson. Man Utd and England Full Back. Had to get an autograph for my Uncle Zahier Mayet who is the only Notts Forest Fan I know. It read “TO ZAHIER MAYET, TO THE GREATEST TEAM EVER,NOTTINGHAM FOREST. VIV ANDERSON”

This lity Abbas got some skill.Anyone know Him

Overall it was a great experience. The Kop owes will understand.Pity Ebie Jay and Mams were not there.Im sure Zee Mayet was.My battery freakin died after the VIP tour so I coudnt contact any of the lads. Fis Kopout. Does this beat Becks

At the ned of it all,I can say “BEEN THERE!DONE THAT! Thank you Cisse

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Comments (2)

  • Anonymous
    November 26, 2007 at 6:45 am Reply

    F@#k i said in my SMS to you..i was seeting with envy man…shite..i wish i was in town to meet up with you okes…these okes were legends…was rushie not there?…molby..what a player..maybe the finest passer of the ball the english game had ever seen..the oke almost never misplaced a pass in his time..

    i would have gladly gave up the day in warmbaths if i knew these okes were in town..strange that the official website had nothing on them being in S.A..anyways do u know if they are playing anymore games?..let me know if you find out anything..


  • Anonymous
    November 26, 2007 at 6:52 am Reply

    swoosh..forgot to mention..that lity got some wicked skill..nice to see one of our own.


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