*Alcohol is served on the Premises

Calexico is an Americana-style restaurant and vinyl lounge situated in 44 Stanley Ave, Milpark. The spot launched mid 2018 and prides itself on the quirky décor, vinyl wall and great music and events.

The Calexico team and now resident chef Cecelia Hobyani ensure the quality of the ingredients is what makes the food on the menu special – the produce is fresh, seasonal and locally sourced. Many of the recipes are gluten free and there are many delicious options for vegetarians – mushroom skewers and hearty mac and cheese to name a few. Side dishes consist of corn, pico de gallo and crunchy slaw. For the meat lovers, there are sticky free-range smoked ribs with homemade BBQ sauce (nothing bottled here!), rotisserie style chipotle chicken and flavourful free range burgers.

The menu includes a tasty selection of creative sandwiches like  pulled chicken on a trendy black bun. To end, the chocolate brownies and homemade apple pie with halva ice cream are winners. Food is designed to share with friends and family and the menu is designed with parties and special functions in mind. The venue is also available to book out for events.


How to get to Calexico