Samosa Chaat Cups by @sh4k33r4_shaik_chothia


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    Samosa Chaat Cups by @sh4k33r4_shaik_chothia
    1. cut phyllo pastry sheets into small squares (to fit in a muffin tin) - spray tin with fry light - Place one sheet on a plate - brush with butter and add another sheet ontop in the opposite directions - repeat once more so you have 3layers - scrunch it up into the tray to form a cup then bake till golden brown. Leave to cool.
    2. when cups are cold, fill with Samosa pieces, drizzle amli sauce, add chopped red onions, top with yoghurt, sprinkle salt, chilli powder and jeero powder ontop of yoghurt then decorate with dhania and pomegranate seeds, mango and coconut and more red onions - lastly sprinkle sev over the top.
    3. 3.)squeeze fresh lemon over before eating (optional).


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