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A visit to @karakhouse Dubai is Mandatory. *By @mariamparuk ️

Perfect for New Years Day-BBQ Sticky Ribs,Southern Fried Chicken Strips with XXX Hot Honey dip and American Double Cheese Burger at Rocomamas Melrose Arch #halaal @rnbfamilyfoods

Prego no Pão at Nautilus Pastelaria,Maputo Mozambique. That Chilli Sauce ️..mmm

@walkersonshotel in Dullstroom,Mpumalanga. Then specially prepared Trout at the hotel for Dinner ️

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Burger bash at @clenergysouthafrica . Visit them to taste the new range of healthy gourmet burgers. Take your pick ️

Finally had the Double Decker burger @crescent_braai . #halaal

Eggs Shakshuka at @our_local in Kloof road,Cape Town ️

Nonnas Gateway Welcomes you this festive season. Meet the Salt Shaka and enjoy your experience @nonnas_gateway #halaal

Making of Syrian Lafa bread on the streets of Fordsburg,JHB at @house.of.schwarma . We had a beef Shawarma for Lunch

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Double Cheese burger at Texakhana Spur Rosebank. Hits the Spot on a Sunday #halaal @rnbfamilyfoods

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