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A perfectly stylish start to your morning awaits at Hyde Park Corner!

A perfectly stylish start to your morning awaits at Hyde Park Corner!

Move over, Breakfast at Tiffany’s — Hyde Park Corner, is redefining the morning meal experience. Perfectly situated in the heart of Hyde Park, it is quickly becoming the go-to destination for early risers, fitness enthusiasts, and professionals. Our exquisite selection of breakfast options ensures that whether you’re on your way to work, looking to refuel after finishing a workout, or scheduling a breakfast meeting, Hyde Park Corner has all you need.

From soon after sunrise, Hyde Park Corner buzzes with the inviting aroma of freshly brewed coffee at and the delightful scent of artisan pastries… the unmistakable allure of breakfast. Our conveniently located shopping centre is designed to kickstart your day with elegance and convenience, offering a perfect blend of quality dining and a sophisticated atmosphere.

Gourmet Breakfasts: Indulge in a variety of premium breakfast offerings, from classic full English breakfasts to nutritious smoothie bowls and vegan delicacies. Our restaurants cater to all tastes and dietary preferences with imported teas Just Teddy is renowned as a luxurious pâtisserie and boulangerie, stylish café le parc by Tashas and elegant Olives & Plates nestled amomg the pages of a thousand books – they won’t disappoint!

Never Mind Breakfast at Tiffany’s: At Northwood Plaza, our mornings are second to none. Enjoy a luxurious breakfast experience that leaves the rest behind. Southern Sun Hyde Park’s  Breakfast with a View will leave you breathless.

Beat the Traffic: With some of our hot breakfast spots opening as early as 7am, you can enjoy a relaxed breakfast and still get ahead of the morning rush hour.

Perfect for On-the-Go: Our strategic location and quick service options are ideal for those who need a fast yet fulfilling breakfast on their commute. Woolworths Café will satisfy even the strongest of coffee cravings!

Business Meeting Ready: A choice of restaurants to capture any palate, free high-speed Wi-Fi, and a serene ambiance, make Hyde Park Corner the perfect spot for breakfast meetings. Impress your clients and colleagues with a refined environment and exceptional cuisine.

Post-Gym Refuel: Fitness enthusiasts will find a variety of protein-packed and nutritious breakfast choices to recharge after an energising workout session.

Hyde Park Corner is more than just a shopping centre; it’s a key part of your daily routine. We want to make sure your day starts on the right note, whether that’s grabbing a quick, delicious breakfast or hosting a productive morning meeting. Experience the morning charm with us. From as early as 7am, ready to serve you the perfect start to your day and help you avoid the morning traffic.

Hyde Park Corner Shopping Hours:

Monday to Saturday: 9am – 6pm (please visit our website as opening times for restaurants vary)

Sundays and Public Holidays: 10am – 3pm

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