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Foodsburgs Best Foodie Recommendations in Jo Burg :)

Foodsburgs Best Foodie Recommendations in Jo Burg :)

Fish & Chips parcel  in Fordsburg

The saying goes “You have not lived if you have not had an authentic Fish, Chips,Polony and Vienna parcel from Fordsburg. Deep fried chips with the medley above in Salt, vinegar and masala. Yes these three ingredients are compulsory. Its just not the same without it. Ofcourse some buttered rolls on the side are a Pre Req. We wont say more. Just Try This

Steak & Cheese Sandwich at Kentucky Milk Bar in Fordsburg

A Toasted Steak & Cheese at the Home of Legends is a must. Its even more special when you have inside the shop. Legend has it that those walls talk and a re full of stories, folk law,culture and history. Mo Adam has taken over from his late father Uncle Sam and Uncle Ebrahim. The Sandwich will have you coming back for more. An old family recipe that brings back nostalgic moments and a tear of the good times and past history of Fordsburg. The best part of having the sandwich in the shop is you can see parts of history. Namely the old coke fridge, milkshake machine, cold drink bottles from the past and the classic 1970 Brazil World Cup frames.



Legendary Toasted sandwiches,Steak Rolls and Hot Dogs at Kentucky Milk Bar in Fordsburg, JHB. Known as the Home of Legends. #toastedsteak #steakandcheese #fordsburg #homeoflegends #hotdogs #steakrolls #halaaljhb #latenights #kentuckymilkbar

♬ The Godfather / Theme – Various Artists

@foodsburg Legendary Toasted sandwiches,Steak Rolls and Hot Dogs at Kentucky Milk Bar in Fordsburg, JHB. Known as the Home of Legends. #toastedsteak #steakandcheese #fordsburg #homeoflegends #hotdogs #steakrolls #halaaljhb #latenights #kentuckymilkbar ♬ The Godfather / Theme – Various Artists

Authentic Wors Roll from the 3 Guys outside Khans Butcher,Mayfair on a Saturday

If you grew up in Gauteng, played soccer at Tech Grounds in Lenasia then you were introduced to the classic and authentic Wors Roll. You will know theres Nothing like it. 3 guys definately gets it right. The roll,salads and sauces and a delicious piece of Wors. This is a Must

Turkish Cusine at Istanbul Kebab Restaurant at Melrose Arch, Sandton

Istanbul Kebaab is the go to Turkish place in Johannesburg. A wonderful vibe and Delcious Turkish food from individual wraps and kebaabs to meat platters with freshly made Turkish breads. There is complimentary Turkish tea and even a section where you can aquire wonderful Turkish items like nuts,sweets and Turkish Delights. Ofocurse after your meal you can indulge in Shisha and delectable desserts like Baklava and Kunafe.

AK 47 Special at Akhalwayas

Cape Town has the Gatzby & JHB has the AK 47. A monstrous French Baguette that includes the works. You can have a Steak or a chicken AK. The small AK Feeds 2-3 and the Big one 4-6. Perfect when you really hungry. Every Gatzby includes Steak or Chicken, salads,polony,viennas,chips,cheese and special sauce


Seafood at Pigalle Restaurant Sandton

The Ambiance, atmosphere and deco are perfect for a special occasion. The Food is top notch. The seafood is our favourite and ofcourse ending your dinner with a compulsory dessert, The Ice Cream Nut Cake. Foodsburgs go to dish here is the Queen prawns either in lemon butter or peri peri. And if you in a lavish mood you can always opt for the Shellfish platter.

Seafood at the Codfather in Sandton

The best part of the Codfather is the Fresh seafood selection weighed in front of you. Your choice includes crayfish tails, King Prawns, Langoustines, fresh fish,calamari,crab claws and more. Prepared in either cajun spice or lemon butter sauce. You even have a choice of the delicious A La Carte menu and the sushi is amazing. Definately one of Foodsburgs favourite places

* Alcohol is served on the premises

Milkshakes at Fire & Ice Hotel Melrose Arch

The exotic decor and the vibe supplement the best Gourmet milkshakes in Johannesburg. The range of flavours will entice everybody. Served in 1/2 or full pint Foodsburgs favourite flavour is the Rocky Road. When you at Melrose Arch be sure to try this.

Sushi at the Fireroom

Italian Food & Francos Restaurant in Parkview

This authentic Italian restuarant is tucked away in Parkview. The Pizzas and Pastas and authentic italian dishes ensure that a booking must be made when dining here. The food is simply delicious. We love the Margherita pizza and Arabiata pasta and sometimes we love the pasta alio le. For authentic and delicious Italian food visit Francos


Breakfast at Tashas

Breakfast at Tashas is a Thing. Trendy, Vibey and of course delicious. Theres nothing more to say. Just make you you have breakfast at any Tashas.

Breakfast at the Proud Mary

Ribs & Burgers at Rocomamas Melrose Arch

Strip Burger at Mochachos Ridgeway

Steak & Seafood at Calistos Rosebank

Pizza & Pasta and more at Nonnas Gateway

Gatzby at Industry Bakery in Sunninghill Sandton

*Halaal. When Gatzby is mentioned Cape Town immediatley springs up with the reputation of having the best Gatzby. Joburgers now can rival that claim with the Gatzby from Industry Bakery. Colosal,Huge,Filling, Delicious.The Large Gatzb Feeds about 6-8 people. We say try the Masala Gatzby. You wont go wrong. Masala Steak, polony, viennas,cheese,lettuce,red onion,fried egss and their special sauce

Masala Steak Gatzby

Indian food at Dosa hut

Chicken Tikka at AL Hambra Restaurant in Mayfair

Visit to the Big Mouth in Sandton

Seafood at Fishmonger in Rosebank or Illovo

Shwarma and Ribs at Shwarma Co in Norwood

Mozambican Cusine at nabeelas Place in Lakefield Benoni


Ice CREAM at La Creamosa

Chicken at Arman in Fordsburg

Steak at MIHA in Melrose Arch

La Rolla at La Padrino in Emmarentia

Asian Cusine with a View at Momo Curo in Rosbank

Spoil someone at Marbel Restaurant in Rosenanak

Fine Dining at Jasmine Fusion in Morningside

Samoosas at World of Samoosas in Oriental Plaza, Fordsburg

Sushi at the Yamasutki in Bedfordview

Lotus Biscoff Dessert at Le Kreamery in Illovo

Neopaltin based pizza at Coalition Pizza in Rosebank

Joburgs Best burger and more at Kitchen of Oz in Emmarentia

Steak at Moez Fusion Lenasia

Seafood and special Occasion at Signature Restaurant in Morningside, Sandton

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