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Starbucks Cold Brew at Home

Starbucks Cold Brew at Home

What you’ll need
1 large sterilised jar, container or French Press
250g of course ground coffee (Starbucks Kenya/ Colombia/ combination)
1 litre fresh, filtered, room temperature water


Add ground coffee into brewing vessel.
Slowly pour water over coffee grounds, ensuring all coffee is saturated .
Seal with a lid and allow to steep at room temperature for 12 20 hours (longer steep =
stronger brew).

After 12 24 hours steep time, using a cloth, strain the brew into a clean and sterilised storage
container, such as a bottle or jug with a lid, to separate coffee grounds from Cold Brew


If using a French Press, simply push down on the strainer and pour out into a storage container.
Discard coffee grounds in garden as a natural fertiliser and insect repellent; and store cold
brew concentrate in the fridge for up to 5 days.

To drink, combine:

1 part Cold Brew concentrate to 2 parts cold filtered water, or milk, topped with ice.
For a creamy but nondairy options, it’s recommended to use Almond or Oat milk.
Flavour to preference using Vanilla or Caramel syrup.

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