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Ten “MUST HAVES” When you in South Africa

Ten “MUST HAVES” When you in South Africa

1. The Full House Gatsby at Industry Bakery


When the word Gatsby is mentioned one always thinks about Cape Town. But low and behold the most delicious and satisfying Gatsby lies in JHB at Industry Bakery in Northcliff. The Large Fully loaded Gatsby feeds ten or more. It contains Masala Steak,fried eggs, polony,vienna,salads,cheese and special sauce. It comes in two options. Masala Steak or Tikka Chicken. Make you sure you have this Gatsby

2. Milkshakes at the Protea Fire & Ice in Melrose Arch

3. AK 47 Sandwich at Akhalwayas Fast Foods


The AK 47 is a special sandwich. A Monsterous French loaf that feeds 6 people. It also comes in two options Steak and Chicken. Inside a standard AK 47 you get cheese,chips,salads,pattie,polony,vienas and ofcourse steak ot chicken and sauses. The Authentic AK-47 Sandwiches can be purchased from Ackhalwaya Fast food outlets in Fordsburg,Lenasia and one in Easmia, Pretoria.
*AK 47 Special from Ackhalwayas Bree Street,Fordsburg


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