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“What the True Fans Say”-Memz Wadee,a Liverpool Supporter

“What the True Fans Say”-Memz Wadee,a Liverpool Supporter



Mems you as true as they come. Last year and this year.Where did it go wrong. Alis are laughing at us? How do we make it right? Swoosh – Let’s be honest , as L’pool fans we have to take a reality check on our expectations . Last year was really ananomaly. We had 2 of the best strikers in Europe on absolute fire. Take that out of your team and any team is going to struggle. I’m not sure why an ALI would be laughing They’ve spent a lot of cash this season and their points tally is exactly what it was last season. They’ve just been beaten by a S’ton , they have the worst defense of any UTD team in the last 20 years and their away form is poor. Their new signing are   not exactly setting the world on fire. L’pools new boys are going to take a little time to settle. We can already see big improvements in Emre Can , Lazar ,  Moreno and                 Lallana. We have  one of the best midfielders in the PL in young Philippe Courtinho. We know that we have to invest in a striker . UTD can laugh all they want . Just like us they going to find it hard to get that lucrative 4th spot.


Whats your take on Brendon Rogers. If we sack him who do we Get? Why sack him. We know what FSG’s policies are. They are not

going to spend millions on a coach . They are more than happy with a young up and coming coach and Rodgers fits the bill perfectly for

them. Rodgers is a good talker . I have no doubt that he’s given FSG assurances that he’s going to get us that 4th spot . They really

don’t have grounds to sack him . We not too far off the pace and steadily the team is starting to find their feet . We do need to get

some top players in key positions though. FSG need to support him with some cash.


Are u sad to see the captain go. Who will be the future 8? DEVASTATED !!!! You can’t put a price on the contribution

that Stevie has made to this football club. Without him we would not have won our 5th CL title . Who can ever forget the F.A cup final

rightfully named the GERRARD FINAL.  He has been immense . The best player that I have ever seen  play for this club . To be honest I

personally hope they retire the shirt . I don’t see anyone doing justice to that NO 8 . He’s been a superstar in teams that have been

very average over the years. A player who shouldered the responsibility of this great legacy with great pride. He will be missed


Any signings you think?Personally I would love us to get a world class striker to partner Sturridge. Central defense needs to be shored up and our keeper hasn’t done himself favors recently. FSG are the catalysts here. We all know that BR is crying out for proper funds to make those ideal signings, but realistically we have to look at the L’pool wage structure. We not in the market to pay big money. We’ll be concentrating on stadium expansion so i expect even less investment in players. I think we might have a few barren years in terms of player investment like the gunners did when they were getting their stadium sorted out.


Do you miss Tores? NO – unlike lots of fans i don’t dislike the dude. I was unhapy with his comments when he left L’pool but I don’t blame him. Foreign players have no affinity to the club . in hindsight i think he knows he made a mistake. L’pool fans loved him and he gave that up for money.

What do you have to say about the future of the MANCS? I don’t know . LVG is all talk about philosophy and keeping the ball , world domination(LMFAO) ..imagine dominating world football with smalling and jones. They a massive club and they’ll always have money to invest in players but make no mistake that don’t have an open cheque book like city and chelsea. Like us it’s imperative that they make the top4 to be able to invest , the longer they out of the CL the more precarious their position will become. CL is the lifeblood for clubs like L’pool and Utd. The one concern I’d have as a UTD fan is the new signings . None of them have set the world on fire apart from the small cameo from Di Maria. Can they afford to keep investing in players that are not doing the business ?


Your greatest and worst Liverpool Moment as a Fan ?Greatest has to be the CL final . The sheer audacity of the

comeback 🙂 . The fans at the Ataturk and their rendition of YNWA at half time makes that for me the best experience as a L’pool fan . On

a personal note i’ve visited Anfied twice and that has to rank as a massive highlight.

There are other great moments, beating the mancs is always grand , The GERRARD final , Stevie G’s pile driver against

Olympiakos , The CL game against Arsenal, The 86 F.A cup final with Rushie getting a brace , the carling cup final against the mancs ,

the 1-4 humiliation at trafford 😉 .


Your Best Liverpool all time x11?

Clemence,Jones Hyppia Hansen Nicol,dalglish gerrard mcmahon Barnes.fowler suarez

Be Honest.Before Gerard Slipped and After he slipped what were your feelings. What a defining moment and unfortunately the Captain will be remembered for that 4eva? Could have happened to anyone – I was just gutted that it had to happen to him . He wanted it so badly and I knew that would be a defining moment for him . After that mentally I don’t think he’s been the same player. Only now that he’s announced that he is leaving the club that burden has been lifted. You can see the smile back on his face and he’s playing his football with that wanton abandon. The performance against Wimbledon was just top class . 34 years old and you play like that…CLASS !!

He will be remembered for that by everyone who dislikes him , the mancs and chelsea have been singing his name on their terraces well before that.

That’s how good he is.

As a L’pool fan i forgot it happened the moment it was over . We love the man. He is a LEGEND !


.Prediction for Liverpool this season,?Get a striker now in Jan and we can make 4th . So I’d go with

4th ..Forever optimistic


Sharp Mems,Catch up with you again


Shup YNWA !!!!

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