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“What the True Fans Say”-Yusuf Dindar,a MANC Supporter

“What the True Fans Say”-Yusuf Dindar,a MANC Supporter


What the true Fans say is a Q and A with some of the passionate and die hard Fans that I have met in my life. These guys are as loyal as can be through the good times and the Bad. Today we catch up with MANC and exciting personality Yusuf Dindar.

Firstly Yusuf Happy Birthday Today. Hope you have a cracker of a day.I see some relief. Moyes Gone,Van Gaal in. Your thoughts YD on the future under the Dutchman? YD:LVG is an experienced coach. We are in great hands. A club such as Man United, with all the success achieved under Sir Alex, needs an experienced man at the helm.

Where are you guys lacking in the park,Def not in attack.Anyone you want brought in?A strong central defender is required. Gareth Bale will be awesome too!

How many Manc kits do you own and which one is the best?I love Man United gear, however don’t really enjoy the kit replicas. I do prefer the retro T-shirts. Bought a cool black one recently at the Nike store in Abu Dhabi.The kit which does stand out most for me was the ‘Sharp’ one with two white stripes down the shoulders- giving my age away(lol).I have vivid memories of Captain Courageous Bryan Robson wearing one of those with the captain armband.

Tell us about the Toppie SAF. Was he special?I will never forget the day it was mentioned on Radio one morning that Alex Ferguson was to replace Ron Atkinson.Sir Alex is the greatest of all time. At least in my time. His greatest attribute was his man management. He would make an ordinary player believe he was special, inevitably getting his players to play beyond their perceived potential. Each year we would think as United supporters that we have an average team. Each year the gaffer would prove us wrong by transforming his team into Champions!

Have you been to Theater of Dreams. If yes,What was it like. If no!What have you heard? My first time was in the 80’s in the off season. I attended with my grandparents and we were given a tour. I asked the tour leader if I could pray of which he agreed. A year later my prayers was answered through Sir Alex being appointed and the rest was history!I did attend a Champions League knockout match against Real Madrid with Zidane.What an experience!Witnessed the ex- Liverpudlian Steve Macmanamman sworn at, Giggs’ magic on the left, Redondo turn Dennis Irwin for nothing, Keane’s inspiration and Zidanes coolness. We lost 3-2 I think. It was the year after we won the Champs League against Bayern.

Whats your thoughts on Liverpool? Liverpool are in good hands with Brendan Rodgers. They need to have faith in him. Get rid of Balotelli and bring in a world class striker.

What do you have to say about the future of the MANCS? Man United will remain one of the best clubs in the world. It is a commercial machine. We will continue to buy the best and mature youngsters.

Your greatest and worst MANC Moment as a Fan ? The best: Champs League final against Bayern – oh those 2 minutes!

I know you will appreciate this vid Joe. Just for You. This is the guy that said that there wasnt 11 players on he field that night. There was 20. Tommy Taylor and Bobby Charlton were on the pitch. The Ghosts of Munich came down that Night

The worst: the period last year with David Moyes after Christmas until his sacking.

Your Best MANC all time x11?

1) Schmeical 2) Gary Neville 3) Dennis Irwin 4) Bruce 5) Pallister 6)   Robson   7) Ronaldo 8) Scholes 9).  Rooney    10).   Cantona      11) Giggs

Prediction for Liverpool this season?Maybe 5th..if you’re lucky (lol)

Sure Yusuf,Catch up with you next time

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