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Tri Guys vs M and G Guys #Astro Soccer # Local Derby- Ten Chances Ten Goals,Thats all it was

Tri Guys vs M and G Guys #Astro Soccer # Local Derby- Ten Chances Ten Goals,Thats all it was

On Monday Night there was a massive Derby played in Waverly. Within our cycling group it was the Tri Guys captained by Me vs The Mail and Guardian guys captained by Suhail Gani. After 5 years I put on My Adidas “Del Piero” Predators and took to the pitch alongside Legends,Great Athletes,Old Foes and Rivals as well as friends.

I must say it was indeed a privilege to Captain the Tri Time. Our CV or credentials were already sending Shockwaves through the Media. We had Ary Karolia who needs no introduction, Iron Men,Kenny and Mohamed Motala, Imie Silver Saley the Comrades King and Former Lenasia Spurs Midfield Hard Man and Comrades Runner Uncle Archie. The Rest of our squad was myself,Yuni, Mimms,Ammaar,Azhar,Luqman Mota and Keeper Moe Salejee. We were Managed by our Brendon Rogers Hoosain Hassen

The M & G guys to name a few that I have crossed paths with before, Suhail,Mike,Zain Potties,Nazeer Saley,Mo Omar,My Blue Magic Man Zahed Adam,Mohamed and Ahmed Baroochi and the Likes.

I must say It was the Reunion of Legends. I watched Uncle Archie when I was still in High School when his Lenasia Spurs team beat the Mighty Lesco on penalties in the Marlboro tournament.Playing with him was Legend. Myself Mike and Suhail played under Ilyaas “Fabio Capello” Akhalwaya for Ribadio in 94.95. Myself and Motala for Dynamos in the late 90’s and Real Lesco later and Myself ,Ary and Moe Salejee with Saffers for Leeds in 2001. Thats Legend

Anyways our team was rocked by the late withdrawel and of Iron Man Bushin Ravjee and the transfer saga of Mohammed Baroochi. The two bozzas currently in Local Cycling, Being Baroochi and Ary. Baroochi was tapped and signed before the transfer Deadline last Night. We coldnt pay the Wages.

The Game itself was quick pace .The Tri guys are used to Long and drawn out affairs. The Result. The Tri Guys lost 10-2. The scoreline doesnt reflect the game. They had Ten Chances and scored all ten. We had 50 and scored 2. I was Vintage Del Piero spurning three glorious chances. One a gifted pass by Motala. As Captain of the team we rested Ary and Motala and told them to give us ten percent. Also our strategic move was to Take Baroochi and Suhayl out of the Game. We sent in our breaker Uncle Archie and the job was done on Baroochi. To risk a red was foolish so we told Uncle Archie to take it easy. Zayn Potties and Moe Salejee were the stars of the show as Potties saved M and G from Carnage.

Myself and Mimms celebrating Uncle Archies  taking  Baroochi out of the game

In the end though we lost the Battle but not the War and considering we played some decent Ball. The Lads then enjoyed a sausage Braai courtesy of Yunie and Hoosain Hassen and Lities. This was a closed doors session for Media. But Somehow Mohammed Baroochi got a statement to Sky News


” The Tri Boys got a bit excited and were Bunch Riding, 20 minutes into the game they looked tired and were hoping for transition. They heard it was cold so they all came in Wet Suits. I even spotted some owes with their monitors and Polar Watches.However Great Braai


From 10 it went to 12. The Talk of the Night was Suhail Ganis Rocket.
Our Gaffer/Manager Hoosain Hassen hard at work with team tactics



A Fantastic Night. A Big Thanks to All and a Night of Legends

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