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ADEGA FORDSBURG FANTASY FA CUP 2012/2013-Round 5 Results-Semi Draw

QUARTER FINAL DRAW (To beigin Gameweek 34)

1.Gateway,Nadia Kaloo 29  vs The Champion Seth, Junaid Seth 59

2.Miroslavs X11-Avzal Mayet 58 vs Chews,Zunaid Patel 78

3. Zaheer All Stars,Zaheer Bayant 68  vs Scouse Park, Ziyaad Mayet 69

4.Killa FC, Mohammed Mayet 37 vs Porn Stars, Azhar Mohammed Moola 47


1. The Champion Seth, Junaid Seth    vs Porn Stars, Azhar Mohammed Moola

2. Chews,Zunaid Patel                           vs   Scouse Park, Ziyaad Mayet

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