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ADEGA FORDSBURG FANTASY FA CUP 2012/2013-Round 4 Results-Round 5 Draw


1.Little Kickers,Faried Saloojee  26 vs Porn Stars, Azhar Mohammed Moola  51

2.Multiple Scoregasms,Yusuf Seedat  52 vs ews,Zunaid Patel 62

3. Zaheer All Stars,Zaheer Bayant  68 v s Wengers Replacements,Athienne Summerton 65

4. Scouse Park, Ziyaad Mayet  62 vs FC Toby,Irshad Latiff 35

5.Miroslavs X11-Avzal Mayet  75 vs Veteran Sir Ish Loonat 50

6. Yusuf Master Blast,Yusuf Bayant 67  vs Killa FC, Mohammed Mayet 75

7. The Champion Seth, Junaid Seth 56 vs Average Joes FC,Yusuf Darsot 43

8. Galaxy Stars Raffique Mayet   53 vs Gateway,Nadia Kaloo 67

 QUARTER FINAL DRAW (To beigin Gameweek 34)

1.Gateway,Nadia Kaloo    vs The Champion Seth, Junaid Seth

2.Miroslavs X11-Avzal Mayet      vs Chews,Zunaid Patel

3. Zaheer All Stars,Zaheer Bayant  vs  Scouse Park, Ziyaad Mayet

4.Killa FC, Mohammed Mayet vs Porn Stars, Azhar Mohammed Moola

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