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AFCON 2013 is Here-17 years later in Ingesund We Trust

17 years later and I can still remember the moments of AFCON 1996. I was only 20 and after the nation united after we won the Rugby World Cup celebrating being African Champions as Hosts was amazing. The great names are now Legends, Motaung,Nyathi,Tovey,Radebe,Shoes,Tinkler,Masinga,Doctor Khumalo and the list goes on. I didnt even envisage 2013 back then,

As a Bafana Bafana supporter I felt Ive been let down by the Higher Powers. In 98 We had Troussier.We put in a decent showing .We eft out Barker and Tovey. I remember we took Willem Jackson over the Winning Captain. In 2002 we made a decent attempt under Sono. From then on at international Level we have been poor. When we were awarded the hosts of 2010 I was confident that the charasmatic and passionate people of South Africa would unite behind someone that knows and loves South African Football. That someone for me was Gordon Ingesund. A man that has won and proven so much. Instead we paid an exorbetant salary to Big Name Perriera. I was shocked by SAFA ‘S decision. Then Perriera abandons us and we pay a Guy called Santana. Who was this non English speaking coach. Why not Gavin Hunt or Ingersund or even Pitso.

After a string of bad results ,no surprise in that we blast Santana and Perreira comes back to get rich. We were thumped by Uruguay and our 2010 was Over. We lacked something, It was plain to see. It wasnt the players. It was the glue. The squad of 96 was special under Barker. I met a former player once and we chatted about that time. He was part of th 96 squad. His words I cannot forget. “We were one Unit. When One man was down We would pick him up. The morale in the Squad was High.Barker had a steady ship.

We look at lots of great coaches that have won major competitions. Lippi,Ferguson, Guardiola,Mourinho,Capello. Under them the Morale was High and the ship was steady. Once the boat is rocked its tough times.

Finally when Gordon Ingesund was hired I felt that we are going in the right Direction. Ingesund has won titles and now at the National Team if he can get that Unity,Discipline and passion in the squad which he is busy doing Bafana Bafana are destined to be Champions of Africa. He is the right man I believe.

We as South Africans Love football and we love our country. If Ingesund delivers the results we will Unite behind Him. Tomorow I have my Ticket for the opening against Cape Verde. We have the Fans,We have the team and We have the Coach. Now let the tournament Begin

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