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Juve vs Milan-We go down 1-0,Justice perhaps while Liverpool Keep on drawing.

After the 94.7 Cycle Challenge I took a week off and have been totally unproductive. Back to work now and after a heavy family Function ,heavy in a sense of food. A Solid Sunday Biryani and Deserts paved the way for the Juventus vs Milan semi Final. I missed the first half as I met some Austrailian Jamaat Brothers in Quwatul Islam Masjid and begun talking about the hatred between the Ozzies and South AFrica in Sports. Ofcourse it made for good Banter. Then I came home and watched the highlights. Robinho put Milan 1-0 up ater a shocking decision by the referee. Perhaps its justice from last years Suli Muntari crossing the line incident.

I was impressed by Milan though. They have stuttered this year and Im sure guys like Mikee and Cisse were thrilled. Mexes ,their new right back De Ciglio I think and Al Sharawi and ofcourse the Bearded Noccerino were a menace on the break. Juve looked a bit Hung over and although we played well enough we had nothing in attack. Quagriarellia and Vucinic lacked penetration all night and I guess that set the tone. Giovinco was lively as ever when he came on but Juve just couldnt break the deadlock. It will come.Perhaps its waht we need to sharpen ourselves against teh Big boys come round 2 when the business gets real. For now though we go down against Milan.
sO Forza JuVE,Time to focus on Donesk.

Always a Bianconero

As for Liverpool we draw again. Swansea. No Massive team. The Mancs will say we are not a massive team. We hit the post again.Whats New. Swanse thumped us in the Capital One Cup. What to do.We continue supporting coz we Reds and We love the club. Bring on the Next game now

City also drew against Chelsea.Theres lots of Banter about how Torres will play under Benitez.However the two big Spenders drew 0-0.Whats the odds on Mancini getting the Chop. Also the MANCS are calling him RAFA the Waiter. Can he make a massive difference to the Blues.

The Mancs make him "The Waiter" from "The Rotator"

The MANCS meanwhile came from a goal down and beat QPR 3-1. After the Norwich loss I was really confident that QPR Would do the business under “Arry”.While everybody was drawing,The MANCS did what they do Best and got three Points

And In Spain Messi scored again. Thats All that Matters as Barca maintain momentum

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