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A sterling weekend as results go my way.Road to 94.7 with the Iron man

As you know I am cycling again. I miss the days when I used to cycle before. I got my team Z Gear and retro gear as thats me Swoosh lols and Im into it. I aim to compete in the 94.7 in aid for Breast Cancer. Thats the plan. I started two weeks ago and had to be rescued on the hill by Luqman Motta. Whatta a bozza. I struggled along and well didnt quit. This weekend I cycled under the wing of Mohamed Motala the Iron Man. It was much better than last week.I was a bit behind again but completed 40 km. Its tough but Im loving it. Hopefully next weeknd will be better. This weekend I was ironed out by the Iron Man

Raheem Sterling gave Liverpool a 1-0 voctory over Reading. What we beat Reading. Liverpool deserved the victory but as I said to the Liverpool lads, We have to take our chances. Again we should have sealed the deal. Reading came close to equalising but Liverpool closed the deals. Fans said give Rogers time. Time and a few signings in January. I will be a Happy Chappy. As I always say 3 points is 3 points. As for Sterling, He is turning out to be a vital cog in Liverpools season

Raheem Sterling.spotted by Cisse


Chelsea seem to have this gel and championship bond under De Matteo. I always say a Manager that holds the dressing room can go a long way. Spurs have had a decent run under AVB but Chelsea humbled them. Mata,Dzeko, Oscar.Definately youngsters with a title mentality. The goals were emphatic and Chelsea were clinical as they stay top.

Arsenal are Arsenal and when you expect a victory they go and lose. Same thing every year. This time they were shoddy against Norwich.

The MANCS were emphatic with RVP AND Rooney leading the front line the MANCS made sure of a victory. They buried Stoke. The Dutchman was vital again as United maintain their strong start to the season.The talking point though was Rio Ferdinand getting into Hot Water by not wearing the Anti Racism T shirt. Was he right. We all know that no one should ever undermine the toppie.Im eager to see what happens to Ferdinand.

In Spain Barcelona beat Deportivo thanks to Lionel Messi.The man is phenominal. He scored one with the right,one with the left and a crucial solo goal that sealed the deal. Media are agog with Messis comaprisons to the greats. Barcelona race away thanks to this man. He is the greatest.

In Serie A Milan lose again.This time to Lazio. They languish in the bottom of the table.This is tragic for AC Milan Fans. Roma win as Totti scores and becomes the third highest scorer in Serie A History. Inter won 2-0 and Juve beat second place Title Rivals Napoli 2-0. More on that in Forza Juve

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