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Forza Juve-Great comeback against Bogey team Genoa

A great comeback for Juve

When we went 1-0 down against our Bogey team Genoa I felt that our unbeaten run would come to an End. It was tough in Genoa and even tougher being 1-0 down. But this Juve side looks solid. And after the break it showed. Giacherini firing home a fantastic effort to level the scores. Vucinic was casuing problems upfront as always and with the Ghanian signing Assamoah being touted as Juves best signing was dubiously bundled in the area,Vucinic slotted home to make it 2-1.It was all Juve then and Assamoah tapped in for three. Great win for the Bianconeri and great Morale going into our first game in Europe after a while. It was also interesting to see the heated exchanges between Bonucci and former team mate Boriello.

Forza Juve

Always a Bianconero

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