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Should Sachin Tendulkar Retire

Should sachin really retire?

Author: ajinkya

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar ,the master blaster , the little master ,god of cricket s being asked to retire from the game. The reason is three bad innings against New Zealand .Is this reason enough for Tendulkar to quit.He has faced this many times in his career.As far as retirement is concerned i believe he is the right man to decide when he is going to end his golden career.We are not the right people to tell him to retire from the game.

This has been constantly debated over last decade and sachin has always answered in his way-‘with his bat’.Are three bad innings enough for someone to end his 23 year long career.Everytime he has made a strong comeback.Sachin has been in the prime form of his career in the last decade.He cam out of the career threatning tennis elbow.He nearly won the 2003 world cup.Finally with collective team efforts India won the world cup in 2011.

On other side is Sachin roadblocking the place in a team for a talented youngster.The retirement of Laxman, Dravid,Ganguly have created apportunity for the youngsters.Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara have almost fixed there place.Pujara atleast for next series has fixed his place and Kohli is turning out to be a star.

Then who is sachin roadbloacking?

It may be Rohit Sharma,Suresh Raina,Ajinkya Rahane?

anybody.Still i think sachin is absolutely right .Why he should retire to give chance for someone.They should grab the place and that’s what should really happen.

I think Sachin still have a lot of cricket left in him and he exactly knows when to retire.

Sachin may be slowed down a bit but I am sure he will work on it and come back strong.Martin Crowe new Zealand’s finest batsmen said “Hand-eye reaction is not Tendulkar’s problem; he probably is better and faster with his hands than he was in 1992. But the one thing that he can’t escape from is that the body is naturally slowing down,”He also said that Sachin;s hamstring,agility are 10% less flexible but at the same time he said that he can fix it up.

I think we should support the legend of the game and let him decide when to quit form the game.Sanjay Manjrekar Sachin’s teammate and freind said that sachin is absolutely fine and will make a roaring comback.

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