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HASH takes on England and wins MOS as Proteas level ODI Series

Hash and AB Secure the tie for SA
Hashim Amla has had a fantastic series. Like the comentators on Supersport reckon, What is there left to say. Its amaing following a mans journey as he was destined fro greatness. He proved it on the England Tour. A tough tour and he excelled when it mattered the most. Yesterday was the same,SA lost 3 early wickets and were in deep trouble. Amla had to stay and score big and that he did. A mesmerising 97 Not out with a Solid AB De Villiers. SA drew the ODI Series as England were clear favourites. Like a uncle at the shop reckon today. He must be in his 60’s. H esaid Ive watched Pollock,Richards and even Collin Bland but Apro Amla is in a league of his own. What shots and what a player. Well done SA and especially Well down to our Hashim Amla

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