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Europa League:Liverpool 1 Hearts 1 as Reina fumble saved by Suarez

Gerard was impressive

After the rumours of Andy Carrol were circling about his transfer to West Ham, I chatted to a few lads about this sale. Why sell Carrol. Do we have someone else lined up.What happens if Suarez gets injured. Look at the depth of the other squads.Eventually before the game Carrols move was secured. I cant understand it really. Anyways the Scottish Bravehearts showed alot of fight and even though the tie was firmlyy in Liverpools favour one goal would change the stance. I felt like Hearts were going to equalise and they f@3king did. A Pepe Reina error.You kinda just know the script. 1-1. In  a matter of a minute though Suarez saved Liverpools blushes. Again Stevie G and Sterling were impressive. But I just feel we have a THIN squad. Who has Rogers really signed. Well Il remain upbeat.


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