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Olympic Round Round Up-Bolt wins 100 meters and Britain start gloating

Bolt shatters the field
As the Olympic moved to the track its been impressive for SA. Gold in the rowing,swimming and ofcourse Chad Le Klos beating Phelps to take Gold. But hats off the Phelps.What an Olympian. Ive been watching the Olympics in the evenings but Tennis,Soccer and ofcourse the 100 m were what I wanted to see.
Team GB dumped out against korea,Hope Solo and the US facing Japan in the Final and Murray beating Federer. I wanted Fed to take gold,now the Brits will gloat forever that Murray took gold. But he deserved it Andy Murray. He played great tennis and Fed looked tired in the semi. A huge anti climax for Roger to lose in three.
On Sunday night I sat in admiration watching our very own Oscar Pistorious compete. Thats courage and spirit. A true Olympian Oscar. And a true inspiration
What the Olympics is all about
And then it was all eyes on the 100 m Final. What a line up, Bolt,Black,Gatlin,Powell.
Bolt was sublime as he shattered the Olympic record. He looked like he was toying with them. We just discussed outside the Mosque.Imagine he perfects his start.He will shatter the World Record. I loved Pumas tweet “Did you even Blink
Fastest Man on the Planet

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