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Penalties put a sad end to Portuguese hopes

Call me a bad pundit but Im sad to see boring Spain pass their way into a semi final. I was rooting for Portugal yesterday but the cruel fate of Penalties had eliminated them. Before we get there lets talk about Del Bosques invisible number 9 system. I feel if he played two out and out strikers especially Fernando Torres he would have made a bigger impact. Pity Ronaldos shooting boots were aiming for the Sky. But alas we cant blame poor Penaltinho for Portugals exit. The lad tried and with Spain coming close on few occasions the tie moved to Penalties.

What do you do in a shoot out if you were Bento. Let Ronaldo kick first or last. First for your country and to attain the momentum and well last so you could rip your shirt off as the Hero. Poor Penaltinho. I see running a poll to see if he should have kicked earlier. In Euro 2008 Del Piero recieved the same criticism for taking at 5. As a renouned penalty taker he should have stepped up earlier. Guess its destiny . Especially when at this level you remove a man from the pecking order and replace him with Nani. Nani scored but poor Bruno Alves was destined to miss. So the boring Spanish or the passing Spanish are in the final.

Another thing is that Ronaldo has been missing penalties of late so as a Portuguese friend of mines said “Should Have,Could Have,Would Have, If Baggio scored in 94 Italy would have been Champions.”The Portuguese played well and Contrau is a machine. So off to tonight then. Forza Azurri

Too much on Penaltinhos shoulders


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