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After the Barcelona game Azee and Seth said o me “Swoosh,This is Roy of the Rovers Stuff”. When its your destiny its your destiny. On Saturday night I watched the game with MY Father and connection Aziz Loonat. Both were MANCS so the bitterness was still there but the lads sat back and we watched the one way traffic from Bayern Munich,

Ofcourse the script was written. Chelsea to Park the Bus and hit Bayern on the counter. And it was going according to script for sure. Bayern were raining down.
My toppie started blasting De Matteo for putting this no namer Bertram in place of Essien and Malouda. All said and down Bayern were pressing.

Robben and Ribery now nicknamed Robbery seemed to be looking for glory. I couldnt understand why they were cutting in all the time. Supply Gomez and Mueller. These okes pot man. The game was tactical and Chech was keeping the Germans out until the end when Muller snuck in and headed home. Unorthordox but he put away. My man on the scene in Munich was Her Kaiser. Her called me after that and said the Germans and Munich fans were going bonkers.

He was looking forward to the party. I got up and went to the kitchen and Boom. Step up Didier Drogba. 1-1.

Destiny and the Gods were speaking as we headed into extra time. Her Kaiser said Germans were shell shocked.

The Drog stepped up

As extra time went the tension grew stronger between Robben and Ribery and when the Drog turned from Hero to Villain, Chelsea fans were silent. Robben stepped up and missed. The Gods spoke. We knew somehow this was Chesleas. In the Shootout Mata missed and the Gods stayed. When Shweinstieger hit the post it was left to the Drog himself.
He calmly slotted home. Chelsea were European Champions. Munich was silent. Her Kaiser texted me and said the Germans were gutted.
I said Her this was Destiny……………………………………..Im not saying aything else

Below are photos from Her Kaiser. My Swoosh0018 Man on the scene

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