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MUNEEB TOKEN WINS THE RCS Sports EPL Best of the Best Fantasy League

The 2012 RCS Best of the Best Fantasy League Champion is Muneeb Thoken will be in touch with you soon. It was a great year in the EPL and from a Fantasy perspective tough as well. The usual guys were leading the table. Next year the structure changes and the League is FREE..looking forward to it……

1 B6 Quad Crew Muneeb Thokan 45 2,202
2 Entourage Yusuf Seth 42 2,185
3 muhammads supermen muhammad bayant 34 2,162
4 I am The Scout Sufyaan Sarang 30 2,138
5 The 6’s Aviators naeem vallee 49 2,120
6 *Porn Stars* Azhar Mohamed Moola 44 2,059
7 run a swee-dish nurge fajandar 42 2,057
8 ZNS BOYS Zunaid Patel 37 2,035
9 Silky Smooth sarfaraaz nagdee 46 1,975
10 Red Heaven Muhammed Carim 47 1,970

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