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Even though Suarez scored a fantastic hatrick and his third was fantastic and probably the goal of the season all roads pointed to the Manchester Derby. City were resurgent and well if the MANCS won it was game their title.
I watched the game with Farhad,Muneer,Uncle Lefty and the likes. A packed house and good atmosphere after Crayfish tails Cape Town style on a braai. After great chow it was time to put down the game. My original plan was to watch it with my father and them ,only emotional MANCS….But just as well I didn’t.

I felt the game was pretty compact at first. No team giving much and in such a massive encounter I was surprised that Fergie went for Park. He always starts with Park in a massive game. The MANCS then conceded through a corner as Kompany headed home. After that I felt the MANCS sat back and wanted to be beaten. Am I wrong or the only person that felt like this. I expected a MANC barrage or assault on the City Goal. But they didn’t want to win. They never had any clear cut chances and again I say it. Ive never expected the MANCS of all teams to blow a 8 point lead. When I put the City chokers pic up a few MANCS like Zobes and Sadeck Dhorat mentioned that its not over. In my mind I said 8 points Comon guys,Stop stressing. But the MANCS are now level with City amd after their poor showing against their neighbours its Swansea and Sunderland for them.

All MANCS must be saying the name PAPA CISSE. Agreed its not over. I cant wait for the next two weeks.


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