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Citeh avoid the Choke
After a fantastic weekend of  Chow that entailed Karee Kitchree,Prawn Curry,Aloo Fraai and Achaar etc managed and supervised by MANC Chi Chi Cajee I returned home full and satisfied. The perfect mood to sit and watch some Footie. On the weekend I went to a spectecular wedding in Muldersdrift. Biryani on a Sunday and a Waleema yesyerday. Congratulations to Noorain and Hamza Bhodania .Great Function by the Wadees and Sulimans and fantastic Indian Food. Again I had a discussion with some hardcore timers as they ate Dhegg Biryani on a Sunday. “The Dhegg is the Dhegg they said. We not for this modern cooking. The Old Timers then waited for their Chah,Chaai (tea) and lazed away in the Sun. The Effects of Dheg Chow. But great food since Sunday.
Anyways I watched last night and when Cahill scored through a deflection I could see City start to Choke. The Ghosts of Munich were down there suffocating them.
This was a resurgent Chelsea as well and it had the makings of a Chelsea victory. Bu Tevez returned and City clawed their way back to eventually run out 2-1 winners. So bad result for the MANCS and a massive one for City
‘I don’t have any answers’ – Dalglish speechless after Liverpool’s incredible defeat to QPR
All I can say is F#@+ing mugss have 80% possession about 17 fuckin corners lead by 2 hit the bar and stll lose 3-2 what the f@+k, cmon liverpool
The All too familiar face of King Kenny


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  • Seth
    March 22, 2012 at 11:18 am Reply

    Archangel Djibril came back to haunt you!

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