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SWOOSHING FOR A DREAM-Ahmed Pilodia aka THE IRON MAN, Please Help

“With prayers,belief and unity we can achieve any dream”
Ahmed Pilodia AKA Iron Man
Ahmed Pilodia was born on the 4 March 2004 without a tibia also known as a shin bone in his left leg, a condition classified as tibia hemimelia which means an absence of the tibia.
This was a hugely traumatic experience for his parents as this was not picked up at all in the scans prior to …Ahmeds birth.
The condition was classified straight after birth by Dr Essop Allibhai Moosa. Who on that very day informed the parents that an amputation was required.
Dr Moosa, Essop Allibhai, is a healthcare practitioner, specialising as a Paediatrician, at Gardencity Clinic in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.
Shocked and dismayed the parents had to come to terms with this and focus on their beautiful new born child who was just a little different.
A day after Ahmed was born he became very ill and was rushed to Brenthurst Clinic the same clinic where he was born. Dr Moosa who was on call diagnosed the condition as Groep B Stept.
Ahmed spent 3 days in the Neo Natal ICU and had to be moved to the Coronation hospital due to the family s financial constraints, where he was treated successfully after a week stay.
Ahmed contracted pneumonia while he was in coronation and had a relatively weak immune system until he was 5 years old. He was diagnosed as asthmatic at 6months, and has been admitted to hospital several times for pneumonia in the years to come.
Ahmed s parents, Cassim and Fatima, consulted with some of the leading doctors in South Africa before making the heat-wrenching decision to have his leg amputated below the knee, by Dr Sergio Wouters an orthopedic surgeon at the Garden City Clinic.
Ahmeds parents were advised by doctors that having the amputation done before he had turned a year would be less traumatic for him.
Ahmeds development was normal throughout this time, and reached the same milestones as any other normal child. As a precautionary measure Dr Moosa advised that Ahmed consult an audiologist and undergo brain scan which all turned out completely normal.
In September 2005, Ahmed had just turned 6 months and was crawling actively when he developed and an ebsus on his leg the infected his bone, doctors advised that the amputation needed to be done within a week if not the infection could mean the loss of the knee on his leg.
Panic struck the family as without medical aid an op of this magnitude + hospital stay would cost about 50k, 50k that the family did not have, within a week with the help & blessings of the almighty the money was raised in that time and the date of the amputation was booked.
The amputation was just over 1.5hrs and Ahmed had to be in the intensive care unit for 3 days thereafter. Doctors said that he would be lame from the waist down but this was not the case as Ahmed began moving his amputated leg just hours after his operation.
The amputated lower limb was given to the parents and had to be buried as per Islamic rights.
Doctors advised that Ahmed would need to undergo a stump revision every 4-5 years, the reason for this is the remaining bone will continue to grow after the amputation, in Ahmeds case the bone is growing faster than the muscle and skin, it gets to a point where the bone feels as if it will pierce through the skin. The Doctors were unfortunately incorrect as Ahmed who is 6 years old now has been for 3 operations since the amputation, each time needing between 1cm to 2cm of cutting and filing down of the bone and stitching tissue and muscle around the bone. Every operation meant that Ahmed is out of any action ie. school, wearing prosthesis and engaging in any physical activity for a minimum of 4 weeks.
Ahmed may have to undergo several operations (stump revisions) in the near future as his growth rate very fast and will only slow down at the age of 18 years old.
The family tried approaching government hospitals but due to the complexity of Ahmeds stump, waiting period and the use of recycled components this was not a viable option.
Ahmed was fitted with his first prosthetic leg when he was a year old, some specialist said that he would not walk until he was 3 years old but Ahmed was running around on his prosthetic limb at the mere age of 1yr 3 months.
Ahmed is currently on his 4th prosthesis made by Heinrich Grimsehl practicing at the Netcare Rehab Center in Auckland Park Johannesburg. Heinrich is one of the leading prosthesis in South Africa.
Ahmeds current prosthesis cost a staggering R70000.00.Ahmed Pilodia is a keen sportsperson who relishes any opportunity to play soccer and cricket. He is a member of the Spartans Cricket club as well as the Kool Kidz Swimming academy.
Ahmed dreams of becoming a professional cricketer like his role model Hashim Amla, and yes beard included.
Effects of having an Artificial Leg Physically and Medically
Ahmed is subjected to phantom pains as well as eczema on his stump, as well as bursa s and swelling which unfortunately comes with the territory of having an Artificial limb. Ahmed has also developed a slight scoliosis and had to undergo bio kinetic therapy to correct this condition unfortunately do to the lack of funds this could not be pursued.
There is absolutely nothing that Ahmed can-not do, it is just that some physical activities are done at a slightly slower pace eg. Walking up and down stairs, running etc.
Naturally starting school is a big worry for any parent, with Ahmed it is exactly the same we as parents have the same concerns as anyone else eg. How will my child do academically, will they make friends, will they be mocked or made fun of or accepted by educators and fellow pupils etc.
Ahmed is a huge inspiration to his parents and family members, we as his parents used to feel aggrieved and depressed thinking about his future but have since realized that there are far worst conditions out there.
Ahmed is a blessing to his family, we as Muslims understand that the Almighty will never give anybody any problem that they will not be able to deal with.
As Muslims we live our lives with the hope and aspiration of attaining paradise in the hereafter, we also believe that anything you are deprived of in this world is waiting for you in the Aakirah, we (Ahmeds Parents) always say to Ahmed how fortunate he is that he has one foot already waiting him in Jannah all he has to do is concentrate on getting the other one there.
How many a parent can say that!
Going Forward .
All we want for Ahmed is to have a comfortable life pain free life where he will be able to live as normally as possible, being able to walk and run, drive a car, play sports and someday start his own family.
Ahmed s new prosthesis costs R80000 and medical aid is only willing to pay R25000. We have written to the board for a review on the contribution but it was unfortunately revoked.
We are currently searching for a corporate sponsor and any contributions will be appreciated.
Contact Fatima Pilodia on 0825585531

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