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I expected a Manchester final in the Europa League. On Thursday night both  teams in Manchester were taught a footballing lesson. For the MANCS they wouldnt be too happy about the way they lost. Theres often debate about the calibre of the competition etc but lets face it,if you lose, get defeated playing well. Bilbao were toying with the MANCS defence. I mean comon. A great display by the Spaniards.

Even though the MANCS are out and its just Europa as many of them say…A performance like that from a pedigree team is not on. Im sure Sir Alex was fuming in his own way.

In true essence Athletic Bilbao were brilliant over two legs, so goodbye Manchester United. No place for the weak….:)

Bilboa were brilliant on the night

 As for Man City we would see the end of Mancini I predict. No excuse ,with their salariesa and spending thsi year they get dumped out by Sporting Lisbon.What makes it worst is that they are choking against Manchester United. They went down on away goals on the night and they should have known that in Europe there is no playing around. Any opposition at home can be tough.

As a scouser I say Goodbye to Manchester. Its survival of the fittest. We await the draw of the Big Boys

Money cant buy happiness

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