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“Muhamed Zaid Patel”-you beauty. The Limbadas from Azadville must be proud. Lad scores the equaliser against Sundowns, what a proud moment.

Its a long hard road. But for me its always great to see our youngsters thrive and prosper at the highest level. I know the family,I met the lad with Moe Cassim once as he embarked on the journey. Keep Grounded Son….Swoosh0018 follows you..

We came from a past where opportunities were few and far between. So much talent the communities had to offer. Facilities were poor and there was no structure. But whilst working on the sports Legends site I found that the past was full of unity and Mohabbet. If we unite we can achieve things. These days the Unity has gone. I look at our community facilities and its still the same since I was 9 years old. Tech Grounds, Bloch Park. Nothing has changed. The ditch in the penalty spot is still there at Bloch Park. The Floodlights are still weaker than candles


Today the youngsters have the means and the structure. With discipline and dedication and hard work they can achieve.

Hashim Amla a good friend of mines has set the bar.He has achieved and broke through. I know Hash told me once that his Dad used to drop the Amla Brothers every day at practice. He Thanks his dad to this day.

So for me its a sublime feeling to see our youngsters prosper. In the past we always said we had the Talent but no opportunities and there is divine truth in that. But now as we head to the Future we can watch sports on TV and say Hey thats our lity and be really proud about it

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  • Via Facebook
    March 14, 2012 at 4:27 pm Reply

    Goolam Valodia It is a proud moment…heard good things bout this boy…
    20 hours ago · Like · 2.

    Mh Mayet Mayet Good comments all round especially from Zane Moosa.
    19 hours ago · Like · 1.

    Goolam Valodia Can’t wait for his bird to be WAG of the week…
    19 hours ago · Like · 1.

    Yusuf Bhamjee Purely wonderful moment…..#YNWA
    19 hours ago · Like · 1.

    Naseem Mayet He he valodes. I’m a downs man, but gotta root for the lad,
    19 hours ago · Like · 1.

    Goolam Valodia I’m a downs man too…still proud to have a Brother on the field…didn’t have time to chat to him cos I was miserable but looked for him for the handshake…
    19 hours ago · Like · 1.

    Ayeshu Bhabha · Friends with Yusuf Dindar and 26 others
    OMW – MZP So proud of u… AWESOME. Absolutely…!!!!!!!!!!!
    18 hours ago · Like · 1.

    Mohammed Laher Bittersweet moment for me. Support Sundowns but was hoping to
    see him hit the net.
    9 hours ago · Like · 1.

    Sadek Dhorat well done zaid…proud moment indeed..may this be the first of many to come
    9 hours ago · Unlike · 2.

    Adnan Moolla Mohammed Zaid is a product of Azaadville Footbal Club. Bloms youve done wonders for the boys of Azaadville. We are all proud of this and may we produce many more, Inshallah
    8 hours ago · Like · 2.

    Naseem Mayet The Azaadville Tournament in the day was sublime. I remember the shouts of “Who are,Who are ,Who are we, Ajaaaadvilleee. very tough team to beat. I call them the Germans. resolute outfite ,playing for years. No silver booots and alice band chaps 🙂 (wink). Keep an eye also on Rameez Bhamjee ..under 16 at Bidvest Wits
    8 hours ago · Like · 1.

    Goolam Valodia Germans in a dutch kit…never say die attitude…lol
    8 hours ago · Like.

    Naseem Mayet ?& Adnan Moolla. Tribute to the men in the past that gave heart and soul to the game and development. Most of them are gone.Late Uncle Ebrahim Adam (Tigers),Late Uncle Ismail Kola (Lesco), Doc Aboo Seedat, Sulie Bhayat and many more. I always wonder the impact they would have had with todays opportunities. Its work put in communities that time and the legacy just carries on
    8 hours ago · Like · 1.

    Goolam Valodia Our love and desire for the game shud be attributed to them…the Akhalwayas of Fordsburg…Sullie Bhamjee (Restons)…
    8 hours ago · Like.

    Naseem Mayet Indeed. itswas the days of passion. These Men did it for the love of the game and to see communities prosper. The Legacy continues today. Hats off to the guys as well that are involved. Interesting article I wrote..http://?

    Goolam Valodia I will have a read
    7 hours ago · Like.

    Naseem Mayet valodes what did the Sundowns Hierachy say baout our LAD. Give us the behind the scenes 🙂
    7 hours ago · Like.

    Goolam Valodia Haven’t seen enough of him yet…we’ve only seen 12 min of him in 2 games…but his finish was genuine instinctive goal poacher stuff…ala Fowler and Van Nistelrooy
    7 hours ago · Like.

    Naseem Mayet more on the lad..
    Muhammad Zaid Patel signs apprentice contract with Bidvst Wits
    The January transfer market is normally a busy period for professional player mo…See More..
    7 hours ago · Like · .

    Yasmin Limbada · Friends with Taz Suliman and 12 others
    Indeed we are proud of our boy! And also proud of their sacrificing parents Mo & Falla Patel. …. Well done all!
    6 hours ago · Like · 1.

    Mo Patel · Friends with Yusuf Dindar and 5 others
    thanks jazzy,incase naseem forgot hes a patel
    5 hours ago · Like.

    Naseem Mayet eish mu bad Mo Patel, I remember when I met you last time you mentioned to me to Watch This Space. Well done to both of you…so correction Limbadas and Patels 🙂

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