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Mancini beginning to Choke

As I said the MANCS have this ability to choke and suffocate opponents or title challengers. Man City choked aand suffered a 1-0 loss to Swansea. What Im saying is the MANCS have a shit team in all honesty. My opinion is on paper City,Chelsea and the likes seem far superior. Credit to the mna in charge Sir Alex Ferguson. He has some magic. Maybe its the unity or the bond he creates to make his squad title contenders and choke the life out of any challengers. The MANCS have had a poor season according to their standards. But the coveted title of EPL Champions will erradicate all of that. The MANCS calmly disposed of WBA and are now a point clear.

Fair enough its still a long way to go.10 Games is a long time.But the MANCS are starting to build momentum.

This site is becoming all too familiar

Now as for Liverpool. We lost 1-0 to Martin O Neils Sunderland. I just have one question to ask the lads from the KOP. If we win the FA Cup is it a successfull season for us. ?

Chelsea won 1-0 under Roberto De Matteo and tonight Arsenal tonight Arsenal take on Newcastle

In LA LIGA Madrid kept the ten point gap with a 3-2 win and Barcelona and Messi were 2-0 victors. Jose has a point to prove.

In Serie A The title race is now Milans to lose. They beat Lecce 2-0 and two crackers from Nocerino and Ibrahimovic. They went 4 clear and we drew again. 0-0. A game we could have won against Genoa. Like the MANCS ,Milan are choking us. We drew our game in hand and now we need to wait for a slip up from Milan. How likely is this.

Another draw against Genoa. We cant force the pace

And to op it all off we undefeated. I will keep the Faith.

Always a Bianconero

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