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Not  a good foootie weekend for me obviously means Liverpool lost and the MANCS won and Juve messed up. Well that was the weekend. It was a dramatic weekend actually. Liverpool hit the bar twice at Anfield and then conceded to a late, late Van Persie goal. The bottom line is ,if you dont score goals then you cant win games. And this year Liverpool just cant score goals. I wonder if we can against Powerlines FC. So Goodbye then to the 4th European spot and its Europa next year. Thats all I have to say.

Man City won so the MANCS vs Spurs was massive. Watching the first half Spurs dominated. Adebajours goal was disallowed. A correct decision by the referee as he handled the ball with his hands. On the stroke of half time as usual the MANCS went ahead. Then next thing you know its 3-0. I give the MANCS credit.At this stage they suffocate the opponents or title rivals. I dont know how they do it but they do it. I expected more from Spurs but well done to the MANCS.

Other big news was Chesleas loss to WBA. That meant AVB was history. And 24 hours later he was blasted. Goodbye AVB But it was long time coming. What do you think of AVB’S sacking and his tenure as Chelseas Manager.

AVB was going,going and gone

In La Liga Barca and Madrid won. The latter routig Espanyol to maintain their ten point lead.

In Serie A the Rome derby was massive and Lazio put pressure on the top by beating Roma 2-1. The Rome derby is also one of the greatest and biggest rivalries in World Football. The players were pumped but Lazio emmerged with the spoils

Zlatan Inrahimovic was sublime as he bagged a hatrick for AC Milan. As for Juve we grabbed the early lead in Chievo but conceded at the death again to register yet another draw. I prefer us chasing the scudetto. Put ptessire on Milan rather. Conte and his men now head into a crucial month of March. Whatever we do we must win our game in hand.

De Cegli celebrates after giving Juve the lead

Last but not least it brings us to the 24-0 thumping of Powerlines FC by Mamelodi Sundowns in the Nedbank Cup. Was this a joke by the PSL. Are teams not screened before they qualify. I think if we rounded up a Fordsburg Old Crocks team we wouldnt have got hit 24-0. Its and embaressment. What are your views readers?

burfee for everyone. Buffet for everyone as Sundowns hit 24

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Comments (3)

  • Via Facebook
    March 6, 2012 at 1:54 pm Reply

    Ahmed Ismail
    We played crap 1st half,spurs deserved sumting.
    Is adebayor n saha the best spurs can offer???
    Sunday at 10:40am · Like.

    Thirusha Pather
    Adebeyors goal wud hav made a huge diff’ they outplayed utd..but thats what champions r all about winning when u not suppose 2
    Sunday at 10:42am · Like.

    Mohammed Limbada
    Pool is going to struggle to make fourth. Mancs not ready to give up their title
    Sunday at 10:43pm · Like.

    Naseem Mayet
    Mancs have this knack off suffocating the leaders, remember poor kevin keegan
    Yesterday at 12:08am · Like.

    Mohammed Limbada
    Lol, Keegan really crumbled under Fergie’s pressure, however the depth of Man City is much better than Newcastle.

  • Via Facebook
    March 6, 2012 at 1:59 pm Reply

    Aadil Lakhi
    Short sighted by Roman. Refuses to give him £20 million to improve the squad in January but happy to pay compensation left, right and centre. What a joke. Easy come, easy go. Hope this comes back to bite them in the ass when UEFA FFP comes into play.
    I agree it was just a matter of time, but I would have backed AVB and got rid Lampard, Drogba and Malouda at the end of the season, and let AVB sign the players he wanted.

    Way too much player power. Lampard is a spoilt little boy.
    Sunday at 6:19am · Like · 1.

    Naseem Mayet
    Look Aadil ,the man was struggling,. Question is Do Gaffers need money to be great. Look at Gaffers from the past. mONEY ISNT EVERYTHING. He had a decent Chelse outfit. Once players start revolting and going above the owe its curtains. The man is 34. He wil prob go elsewhere,Not England
    Sunday at 6:22am · Like.

    Aadil Lakhi
    Rumour is that Benitez will take over. If he accepted a short term deal until the end of the season, it just shows his desperation. If he gets a 15 month deal, I will be totally surprised because he’s not the right man for the job.
    Torres is Roman’s pet striker. So I guess it makes sense for the billionaire to hire a trainer for his pet. Who cares about the rest of the team.
    Sunday at 6:24am · Like.

    Ahmed Ismail
    Gud manager at a bad time
    Sunday at 6:26am · Like.

    Naseem Mayet
    RAFA THE ROTATOR. Well he could lead them to European Glory.The Gaffers of the past were quality. Omar Hitzfeldt. Sir Bobby Robson, Marcello Lippi, Fabio Capello I reckon to take the helm. He has Pedigree
    Sunday at 6:27am · Like.

    Naseem Mayet
    Long Term Don Fabio. He wins wherever he goes with Clubs. AC Milan,Juve,Roma, Madrid. Or Rijkard
    Sunday at 6:28am · Like.

    Aadil Lakhi

    I said it at the start of the season, that it was going to extremely hard to reshape the Chelsea team. I said then that they should sell Lampard to Inter or Madrid. Players really need to look at themselves. He lost the dressing room so he had to go, sure but if Roman could think long term, he would have backed the manager instead of the players. As it stands, everyone knows the players call the shots at Chelsea ie. Lampard, Cashley, Drogba and the main man, thugboy Terry. What chance does the next man have to rebuild the squad. More faults ahead for Chelsea
    Sunday at 6:30am · Like.

    Aadil Lakhi
    Failure not faults. Damn autocorrect
    Sunday at 6:31am · Like.

    Mohamed Feroz
    Think Rafa ,but Liverpool fan’s might not like that …or Martin O Neil …would be good for them …!
    Sunday at 6:36am · Like.

    Ahmed Ismail
    ?@swoosh can we get a roundup of yesterdays results( i was’nt around)
    Sunday at 6:36am · Like · 1.

    Aadil Lakhi
    I’m happy that Di Matteo has been given the chance.

    Long term Chelsea need someone who can rebuild the squad. Not going to be an easy job. It takes some brave decisions like getting rid of Lampard and Drogba, despite them being good players, but it is needed to free up wage budget for new stars
    Sunday at 6:37am · Like.

    Naseem Mayet
    ?@ Ahmed. I took out my wisdoms..I will update after the Spurs MANC Game. @ Adil. rebuilding the worst. But look at Juve,from the dumpers ,in quick time we going for scudetto
    Sunday at 6:39am · Like.

    Ahmed Ismail
    Anybody watching local ball….
    Sundowns 20-0 powerlines…75th minute
    Hurricane or what?
    Sunday at 6:39am · Like.

    Naseem Mayet
    ya Im gonna message Valodes now.Crazy…Im watching
    Sunday at 6:40am · Like.

    Naseem Mayet ?23 nil now….Madness
    Sunday at 6:42am · Like.

    Luqman Moolla
    exactly swoosh…. he was supposed to be rebuilding but that does not mean letting standards drop. For me he was out of his depth…. hes had one good season at Porto. I would fire the people advising Roman
    Sunday at 6:42am · Like.

    Aadil Lakhi
    It took Juve quite a few years to rebuild. Roman can’t wait a few months before putting pressure, what will happen if it takes 2 to 3 years. Stupid Roman. Personally, I wasn’t convinced about appointing AVB but once he was given the job, he should have been backed 100%. But he wasn’t
    Sunday at 6:43am · Like.

    Naseem Mayet
    ?@ Loks yu one of the die hard Chelsea guys. How do you feel about Chelsea at this point. there seems to be camps.Maybe Roman now realises he is f34koll after Man City arried
    Sunday at 6:51am · Like.

    Luqman Moolla
    nas…. last year after ancelotti went my vote was for rijkaard… he started the
    Sunday at 6:53am · Like.

    Luqman Moolla
    Barca revolution….. but ya the players have to go.
    Sunday at 6:54am · Like.

    Luqman Moolla
    also i think Chelsea too into this 4-3-3 formation…. i look at united (anytime), arsenal (the invincibles) all built on a solid strike partnership… thats what we lacking.
    Sunday at 6:55am · Like.

    Naseem Mayet ?
    50 million for our judis Torres. Drogba,Sturridge. Anelka at ne time. thats quality. But agrredd,there gotta click
    Sunday at 6:56am · Like.

    Aadil Lakhi
    ?@luqman I’m not to keen on this 4-3-3 especially for Chelsea. Apparently AVB wanted a right winger in January to give him a different option but Roman refused. that’s why he got so upset when they signed De bruyne. Look at the Chelsea squad and they can only really play that 4-3-3/4-5-1. Fault on AVB for not bringing someone in at the start of the season. But when he wanted someone in January they say no bucks. cmon
    Sunday at 7:06am · Like.

    Luqman Moolla
    ?@Aadil i always thought we needed a right winger…. but ive always picked sturridge in the center with either drog or torres and kalou out wide…. i would even play malouda left and mata right….we have the players for it….
    Sunday at 7:13am · Like.

    Aadil Lakhi
    Nah no real options for the right in a 4-4-2. Chelsea too 1 dimensional for years now
    Sunday at 7:19am · Like.

    Muhiuddin Mia
    Mourinho in London last week looking for a house. Could the special one be on a shock return to West London?????
    Sunday at 7:32am · Like.

    Fayaaz Hadjee
    Benitez is a candidate
    Sunday at 7:51am · Like.

    Yusuf Seth
    AVB was tasked to rebuild Chelski but not backed financially. Only oke he signed was Raul “The Situation” Meireles.
    I’m glad he got fired he was a doos for the way he treated Anelka and Alex.

  • Via Facebook
    March 6, 2012 at 2:01 pm Reply

    On Sundowns vs Powerlines FC

    Aadil Lakhi
    If we put a team together on fb, we wouldn’t lose like that. Saw the last few goals, just pathetic. These idiots weren’t even closing down in the box. they should be shot
    Sunday at 7:16am · Like.

    Goolam Valodia
    Amazingly enough it’s the first time they played on grass…let alone in a stadium…
    Sunday at 11:25am · Like.

    Mohamed Feroz Soni
    I think it was in poor taste for Downs management to allow their team to punish those guys so badly. They shud’ve cut off at 7 or 8
    Sunday at 12:53pm · Like.

    Naseem Mayet
    Lol, na I say murder okes, wen u go to azaadville u must know ur six points or else don’t enter, @valodes first time on grass, they must have got a shock with the crowd
    Sunday at 1:21pm · Like

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