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The MANCS were getting ready to sharpen their swords. I was taking my top off for a MANC or ALI whipping. When Charlie Adam and Captain Stevie G Missed their spot kicks I felt here we go. We actually going to lose against Cardiff. In Fact when they equalised I felt Thats it.Its not going to happen. In the end though in some strange way we manged to win the Penalty shoot out and become the 2011/2012 Carling Cup Champions. Silverware in a dusty cabinet. No disprespect to Cardiff but Liverpool deserved to win the game but a gritty Never say die,typical Cup perfomenace was portrayed by the Welsh outfit.

Once again as the story always goes with Liverpool is we just cant score and are made to pay.

It was ironical that a Gerard that wasnt Stevie had the final say. Steven Gerards cousin blasted wide as Liverpool celebrated. When we were caught flatfooted and 1-0 down we rained on the Cardiff goal Eventually Skrtel equalised. On came the Dutchman Dirk kuyt and with Ebie Kop End watsapping all evening about Kuyt I felt it was fitting.

Uncle Gaff used to always say. A corner is a goal and in the end the last ditch Cardiff corner seen the equaliser. As we headed into penalties Cardiff must have said so close but yet so far…
But we are the Champions and we have put down Chloe,,,,now we go for Cortney and next year we put down Kim Kardashian

Behind the scenes in the changeroom. This is what it meant to Liverpool

pictures courtesy of Liverpool FC Fan Page on Facebook

Chelsea beat Bolton 3-0 and there were a few surprises in the EPL. but lets focus on the Arsenal masterclass. Coming from 2–0 down and then beating London rival Spurs 5-2. Now that was a brilliant football game and you just cant seem to write them off. As for Wenger I feel if he leaves Arsenal its like the Kholvids getting evicted from Ermerlo. It just aint happening

In LA LIGA Barcelona beat Ateletico Madrid 2-1 but rivals Real Madrid won 1-0 thanks to an audacious goal from Christiano Ronaldo. A Back Heel believe it or not. Just have a look

In Serie A the massive game on Saturday night was between the top two AC Milan and Juventus. As a Juve fan we have been leading all year and undefeated in all competitions. We beat Milan in the Coppa Italia and now we had to travel to the San Siro and we went 1 nil down after a Nocerino deflection courtesy of poor defending from Leonardo Bonucci. Suli Montari deserved to put Milan 2-0 ahead and bury the tie but his effort was not allowed. It clearly crossed the line. Buffon later said he was only focussed on saving the ball and was unaware of wether it had crossed the line or not. Conte surprised me though by selecting Boriello upfront with Quagliarellia and leaving Matri on the bench. Firstly I dont even know why we bought Boriello. Del Piero at 37 will still do a better job.

It was Matri however that scored the equaliser in the last ten minutes and even though we didnt deserve to win the game we still unbeaten and a point behind with a game in hand

Matri has been vital for us and Chielini was rock solid against Milan


Forza Juve.

Always a Bianconero

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