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Suarez vs Evra


The JIHAD ABUS vs ALIS was upon us agian and this time I sende it was much more fiercer,there was much more hate and Ive had a few heated exchanges as compared to the past. The Game was however overshadowed by the Hand Shake incident and then of Evras behaviour in the end which I deemed inappropriate. I shared this Facebook Status and it was getting heated.


Look my take is there is no Hand Shake rule etc,Yes its deemed sportsman like and professional. But if you dont like a guy then you dont like a guy. As for Evra performing at the end. I think hes a cry Baby. He is the smae man that brought France to disrepute at the 2010 World Cup. The incident for me is youclaim to  get beaten up in school,then you cry to the Authories. When the vandals are reprimanded you then walk in front of them and perform. Is that on. Hell in school the okes would have waited for you and broke you after. Evras a cry baby to put it lightly.

As for the handshake there were so many variations and justifications. Did Evra lower his hand.  Was Suarez correct to snub him. As I said to the MANCS on Facebook. “Yes Suarez is a p!@s ,but hes our P@#s”

We deserved to lose the game,no question about that. The MANCS in fact could have hit us about four or 5 had things gone their way. Rooney was clinical and if I were Kenny I would have started with Carrol and Bellamy. Spearing had a poor game .But no excuses. We lost the JIHAD for now and let the MANCS have their day. Have a look at the comments though. I really felt this Abus vs Alis was heated. But as I always say we or I am a ABU……Anyone but United. Thats how it is

Mamoo arrived from the Abys to catch a JIHAD and as tradition in the ABUS VS ALIS a delightd MAMOOs picture is a MUST. The man was smiling,jeering and rubbing salt. Watch the game posed for his pic and f#4ked off with his United Kit as always


As tradition when the MANCS win.A delighted Mamoo and a gutted Freds

Mike Gani sent an interesting article in

In Defence Of Luis Suarez

by Rachael Singh

Like him or not, Luis Suarez has been the most talked about and divisive character of the season. I had my say a few weeks ago, but Dispatches is nothing if not fair. As this week the law is under the microscope on here, Liverpool fan Rachael Singh pleads the case for the defence. Take cover.

There probably isn’t a view that hasn’t yet been expressed on the subject of Luis Suárez and the allegedly racist remarks that he allegedly made to Patrice Evra. Much has also been said in response to Liverpool’s handling of the situation; nearly all of such comments have been negative. Not a great deal at all has been said, comparatively, about the FA’s handling of the case or even the content of the report issued by the ‘independent’ panel – appointed by the soi disant ‘independent’ FA. Sports journalists have never had quite as much fun stoking fires and pouring oil onto them when they’ve not been pandering to personalities and egos (not least their own).


In my eyes, as a Liverpool-supporting linguist and sociolinguist who originally trained as a barrister, the Suárez case has highlighted and confirmed many points that have been raised over the years about the FA, its deeply ingrained bias that so reflects the attitudes and interests of its members, the flaws that continue to afflict its procedures. At no stage has an actual concrete case been mounted against Suárez. I don’t mean a case that would stand up in court; I mean a case that could reasonably be decided on the balance of probabilities.

Firstly, there was no actual evidence – no witnesses, no TV recordings, no officials, stewards, players, colleagues – no-one – just Evra’s word against that of Luis Suárez. There has been no explanation as to why Evra had three separate meetings with the committee while Suárez was only allowed one… a cynical mind may draw conclusions as to the position of David Gill, Manchester United’s CEO and a player in this process and wonder if some degree of ‘coaching’ wasn’t taking place. In the end, with no actual evidence to go on, no independent witness of any other kind and despite Evra’s insistence at different times that Suárez called him (in a Spanish conversation) ‘negro’ – pronounced ‘neh-gro’ and simply being the Spanish word for black once, then 5 times, then 10 times (when on a French TV interview), the panel found Evra a more ‘credible’ witness and insisted that Suárez had called Evra ‘negro’ SEVEN times – a whole new number plucked from thin air. This, despite the FA having called Evra an ‘unreliable witness’ on two occasions in the past, though admittedly when accusing Englishmen. The French FA after the South African World Cup went further, calling Evra ‘a man of low character and a liar’…but then, David Gill wasn’t on their board and they were not afraid of the possible repercussions of Alex Ferguson.

And all this before you go into the panel’s decision to disregard the testimony from linguistic experts on the nuances of South American Spanish – which, incidentally, isn’t the same Spanish that Evra speaks. Continental Spanish and South American Spanish each exist in their own cultural context; none of this was taken into account, either.

Liverpool Football Club saw all of this clearly. They spoke up in strong support of their team-mate, because that’s what people are meant to do in the face of injustice. Mock the t-shirts all you like, but it really is that simple.

Contrast all that with the current media furore surrounding John Terry – captain of Chelsea and erstwhile captain of England and a man with a reputation (much of it proven) lower than a snake’s belly. He verbally abuses Anton Ferdinand, brother of Rio, Terry’s defensive partner for England. The incident is reported, heavily witnessed, clearly filmed and even reported further by a member of the public to the police. Naturally, the police have investigated the allegation of such a racially motivated public order offence (Emma West, anyone?) and passed their file on to the CPS… who have brought charges on the basis of the evidence before them. In the meantime, the FA closed their own file on the matter, having concluded that there was no action to be taken. Imagine the shock when criminal charges were brought. Imagine the pressure to be seen to take proactive steps to kick racism out of football when a racist act is perpetrated by none other than the captain of the national squad. Imagine the embarrassment of having to approach the CPS and ask for their evidence before deciding whether to re-open the FA investigation.

Take note also of the reports from our sports media, not least from Terry’s self-serving biographer who tells us that calling someone “a black c*nt” isn’t racist – and he knows this because he asked a black person (coo gosh, how’s that for investigative journalism). The same sports media that unquestioningly accepts the FA’s cowardly abdictation of responsibility in transgressing its own rules with a view to preventing a replay at Loftus Road of ‘that’ memorable John Terry/Wayne Bridge handshake incident way back at Stamford Bridge. Ah, the wonders of the FA PR machine blundering along.

So here it is. On the one hand, you have one man’s dubious word against that of a newcomer to the Premier League; he is a foreigner and ought to be put in his place. The (English) word ‘negro’ is unacceptable – who cares what he said in Spanish, right? So, £80,000 fine and an eight game ban. And this is in spite of Evra, the FA and the independent panel declaring fulsomely that Suárez is not a racist. On the other hand, you have an English player facing criminal charges brought on the basis of evidence from a number of witnesses (including the victim), evidence deemed sufficient to conduct a prosecution and secure a conviction. Rather than re-open its file, the FA has taken five months to strip that player of the captaincy (a position to which, as many feel, he probably ought never to have been reinstated – or indeed elevated – in the first place). No committee, no report, no procedural impropriety, no £80,000 fine, no eight game ban – just an endless discussion, between now and the European Championships this summer, of who will succeed John Terry as captain.

Nooooo, Stevie, don’t do it!

Rachael Singh is an all-round bon oeuf. She has been known to hold opinions, blaspheme, libel and swear lots. Follow her here.

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Comments (3)

  • admin
    February 13, 2012 at 11:57 am Reply

    Ahmed Ismail
    U disappointed….ur fn sorez(sour ass)deserved worse.sorry but da game is much bigger dan individuals. An oppurtunity missed…da man holds out a hand u take and move on
    Saturday at 4:52pm · Like · 1.

    Yusuf Ahmed
    Suaraz was a bigger doos! Tell me,had the roles been reversed,surely Suaraz would be gloating like a pig,just as he did when we lost to you guys at the FA Cup
    Saturday at 4:55pm · Like · 3.

    Mohamed Feroz
    Once a Cunt Evra always a cunt …..Well done scumbags on your Win …
    Saturday at 4:56pm · Like.

    Naazim Saley
    Aaah come on Swoosh, he’s allowed to after
    Saturday at 4:57pm · Like · 2.

    Naazim Saley Suarez’s snub, u give some u get some! Seems like thr was much more between the 2 tho
    Saturday at 4:58pm · Like · 1.

    Yusuf Ahmed Is that all Feroze? LOL,you guys got what you deserved and a football lesson from Scholes; Gerrard was nowhere in the game!
    Wheres Captain Fantastic when you need him?
    Saturday at 5:00pm · Like · 1.

    Chichi Cajee
    i told you liverpool will get genaai’d
    Saturday at 5:02pm · Like · 2.

    Nadim Waja
    Please… Pool supporters always look for an excuse … Swoosh Suraez is a Pig… I think they should send him to a training camp in GHANA….
    Saturday at 5:10pm · Like · 1.

    Hoosain Mayet
    You disappointed with Evra’s behaviour, dare I ask what you thought of Suarez?
    Saturday at 5:14pm · Like.

    Yusuf Seth
    Gattus, your status is a joke. Suarez showed his maturity and class by refusing to shake Evra’s hand. Evra’s celebrations were in the class of Keowb and Lauren when Ruud missed the penalty.
    Saturday at 5:23pm · Like.

    Nadim Waja
    Did u hear King Kong Kenny’s interview… He is a bigger prick… He the only won who watched the match and still doesn’t know what Suarez did… Typical… Sore Looser..
    Saturday at 5:28pm · Like.

    Hoosain Mayet
    Good point Seth, if I recall correctly I watched that Arsenal game with Swoosh and he wasnt disappointed that day, but then again Ruud wasn’t a racist.
    Saturday at 5:29pm · Like.

    Thirusha Pather
    ?@ nas I think that was in response 2 da scousers fans @ anfield but I think u rite he is the professional & the fans r scum he is meant 2 rise above them
    Saturday at 5:45pm · Like.

    Azhar Moola
    the oke got taken in the moment, adebayor also went mal. y u worrying abt evra, comment on the game, and the fact that champs league footbal looks a distant dream for another year.
    Saturday at 5:47pm · Like.

    Mohamed Feroz
    I think Suarez Was right to snub evra ….He should have never been suspended in any way …Glad he got the goal for us as well ….Well Done Scum’s …But @ least we knocked u out a cup ….
    Saturday at 6:34pm · Like.

    Naseem Mayet
    I posted this status while at a Nikka. FIFA promotes Fair Play .Yes Suarez should have shook his hands in Fair Plair . i agree. Wayne Bridge didnt shake Terrys Hands. Did Terry jump in front of Bridge. U dont like a man, u dont like a man. Yes its not Fair Play but What a man Evra is for performing after the game. yes his better than Suarez. Bot their acts were in bad zest and not good for the game. I think Evra would have won my sympathy if he humbly walked away.
    If a owe puts you away for seven games.Would you invite him for Jelebee and tea after that. Would Roy Keane have shook Evras hand
    Saturday at 6:40pm · Like.

    Mohamed Feroz Bottom Line …Evra’s Moer ….he went on like he won the world cup ….
    Saturday at 7:26pm · Like.

    Yusuf Seth
    Yusuf Seth
    You scousers clearly can’t read! Part of the reason why Suarez got suspended was because Comolli and Kuyt contradicted what Suarez claimed happened. Last time I checked Kuyt and Comolli were scum as well so I guess someone was walking alone! Secondly the poes admitted using a racially offensive term and then came up with a lame assed excuse that where I come from is not racist. Btw Swoosh, Roy Keane said he would’ve fucked Suarez up for not shaking hands so don’t try using Utd legends in your pathetic defense of the classless, twat that Suarez is!
    Saturday at 8:32pm · Like · 1

    Muhammed Riaz Gani
    Love Sir whiskey nose saying Suarez is a disgrace , pity he did not have these stds when Schmeichel racially abused Ian Wright or when Cantona kicked a fan or Rio missed a drug test
    Saturday at 9:16pm · Like.

    Yusuf Seth
    So Mike was Wright’s claims actually proved true or is your statement based on hearsay unlike Saurez’s case? Rio and Cantona were banned for their indiscretions and then didnt act like douchebags on their return. You okes are missing the po…See More
    Saturday at 9:42pm · Like · 1.

    Muhammed Riaz Gani
    Yes seth suarez was found “guilty” on the balance of probabilities with no corroboration or evidence through a process that finds 0.5% innocent , I suggest u actually read the 115 pages and see the obvious flaws in it and not join this English holier than thou attitude
    Saturday at 9:46pm · Like.

    Yusuf Seth
    Actually Mike I have so explain to me how Comolli and Kuyt couldn’t even corrobate Suarez’s version of events. Looks like someone was walking alone. Did Liverpool and Saurez also not admit using an offensive term and then use some lost in translation excuse as a defense. If your man was in fact innocent why didn’t you use the appeal process to fight the “injustice” instead of cheap publicity stunts. No ones joining any holier than thou attitude just reminding you to not let your scouse bias forget who the victim was.
    Saturday at 9:58pm · Like.

    Muhammed Riaz Gani
    Evra the victim who swore at Suarez first , No point appealing as the process is flawed as evidenced in the report , u qouting the Kuyt Commoli thing out of context , like I said READ the report and don’t qoute media snippets ,Laters
    Saturday at 10:22pm · Like.

    Yusuf Seth
    Big difference between swearing someone and racially abusing someone but I guess when it comes to your beloved scum all is fair. Maybe you can summarise the report for me coz clearly your scouse tinted shades gives you a deeper insight that the rest of us can’t see in black and white. I’ll end on this “In Uruguay it is ok to call someone N…O,” please defend that one for me and how the process was flawed!
    Saturday at 10:38pm · Like.

    Muhammed Riaz Gani
    That old chestnut totally diff in spanish in a south american context and pronounced totally diff to the “n” word but yeah its the same …. I’m bored now Salaams
    Saturday at 10:42pm · Like.

    Yusuf Seth
    Pity he’s not playing in a South American league with spanish as the spoken language. Biggest BS excuse. Shame bored of defending your beloved scum. It must be hard when they keep putting their feet in it. WS.
    Saturday at 10:52pm · Like.

    Faiyaz Ally Personally i think you all jokes trying to defend any of these fools… Let then defend themselves..
    Yesterday at 12:21am · Like.

    Chichi Cajee suarez needs to get fucked up by a Man of color !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yesterday at 12:27am · Like.

    Nadim Waja
    I’m amazed that all the scum scousers including King Kong Kenny are actually defending this pig Saurez… Guys I think that all these scousers are probably also secretly campaigning to give Apartheid a second chance….
    Yesterday at 8:07am · Like.

    Naseem Mayet We telling u guys we deserved to lose the game, evras a cry baby, all of a sudden a hand shake is farz (compulsory) @ faiyaz ali, its not about defending him, like a kop owe said. “Suarez is a poes, but he’s our poes. He was accused on probability as mike said. But this victim evra can celebrate. On the game itself, well done u mancs, well deserved.
    Yesterday at 10:32am · Like.

    Naseem Mayet
    Was Luis Suarez right in refusing to shake Patrice Evra’s hand before Manchester United’s victory ov
    Yesterday at 11:46am · Like · .

    Sufyaan Sarang

    Let me start by saying I am a pool supporter, so feel free to accuse me of bias, but for me its plain as day to see the fa used suarez as a soft target to further a political agenda…. Half the world hated him already, and the guy is a loose cannon, no one was gonna care whether his trial was fair or not. John terry case, video evidence, charged in court, no fa charge? Does no one see the double standards here? English media has been a joke for ages, not an intelligent column in site, sensationalist tabloid crap posing as journalism, will print what sells n jump on the bandwagon. Don’t think suarez case was as (excuse the pun) black n white as it was made out to be…

    Evra previously had false accusations dismissed – seperate case. first claimed suarez called him a ni**er, then changed it to negro. First said he was called N word “more than 10 times”, then 7 times. Admitted he started conforntation by telling suarez “ur sisters c*nt” in Spanish. Suarez claims one time, no evidence to support either. Agree it is an English game, but he started conversation in Spanish, so u gotta look at the Spanish context of the word, where it is by no means racist, and can even be used affectionately. So far from as clear cut as media/ man utd (is there a difference?) wud have u believe.
    14 hours ago · Like.

    • Aslam
      February 16, 2012 at 4:21 pm Reply

      Suarez is a dimb wit. He needs to stop behaving like he was the victim. Instead he was the perpertrator. The suggestion that there was insufficient evidence to find him guilty is misguided. On Suarez’ own version, there was enough evidence to convict him. Liverpool supporters that try to protect Suarez are doing him an injustice. If more of them condemned his actions soon after the initial racist incident, he would have been more circumspect last weekend.

  • admin
    February 13, 2012 at 12:06 pm Reply

    Masu’d Dasoo
    Wat bout suarez b4 the game.
    Saturday at 4:59pm · Like.

    Ferhana Lunat
    Naseem atleast u’v admitted u didnt deserve 2 win. Our Moosa is lickin his wounds. His in denial !
    Saturday at 5:02pm · Like.

    Nadim Waja
    Swoosh… Please … And u were happy that suarez didn’t wana shake his hand… U okes got handed a lesson in Football… Suarez is a Racist pig…
    Saturday at 5:08pm · Like · 1.

    Yusuf Seth
    I suppose Soreass was a model professional by refusing to shake Evra’s hands. Typical sore scouse loser!
    Saturday at 5:26pm · Like.

    Hoosein’ Moolla
    Suarez did not shake his hand! Unproffessional. Absolutely ridiculous. Period.
    Saturday at 5:36pm · Like.

    Afzal Dalwai
    Evra clearly wanted to vent … Maybe he will do a Kenny and say that it should never have happened!
    Saturday at 5:49pm · Like.

    Samier Aniff
    Man Utd 2 – 1 Racism
    Saturday at 6:02pm · Like.

    Naseem Mayet
    I posted this status while at a Nikka. FIFA promotes Fair Play .Yes Suarez should have shook his hands in Fair Plair . i agree. Wayne Bridge didnt shake Terrys Hands. Did Terry jump in front of Bridge. U dont like a man, u dont like a man. Yes its not Fair Play but What a man Evra is for performing after the game. yes his better than Suarez. Bot their acts were in bad zest and not good for the game. I think Evra would have won my sympathy if he humbly walked away
    Saturday at 6:37pm · Like.

    Samier Aniff
    Terry didn’t racially abuse Bridge and Terry was the guilty party u can’t compare the two incidents
    Saturday at 6:40pm · Like.

    Zaheer Bhabha
    So its suarez the victim , right ?
    Saturday at 7:41pm · Like.

    Zaheer Bhabha
    Nothing wrong in celebrating in front of your own fans and one pig
    Saturday at 7:43pm · Like.

    Fayaaz Hadjee
    Evra is a wanker!
    Saturday at 8:27pm · Like.

    Bilal Coovadia
    swoosh, u are a biased liverpool scum. Suarez is a racist pig and Evra has every right to get the fans going after a victory.
    Yesterday at 6:22am · Like.

    Nadim Waja
    I’m amazed that all the scum scousers including King Kong Kenny are actually defending this pig Saurez… Guys I think that all these scousers are probably also secretly campaigning to give Apartheid a second chance….
    Yesterday at 8:20am · Like.

    Naseem Mayet
    When schmeical racially abused ian wright. Oh sorry he wasn’t a pig
    Yesterday at 10:21am · Like.

    Nadim Waja
    So u agree he was racially abused??? Contradiction…
    Yesterday at 10:24am · Like.

    Naseem Mayet
    Oh ya makes sense, evra just loves celebrating in front of his accussers. Clearly shows he was racially abused
    Yesterday at 10:40am · Like.

    Nadim Waja
    But Suarez not only a Pig he also a P#*s
    Yesterday at 10:42am · Like.

    Naseem Mayet
    Lika oke on kop said, yes suarez is a p@+s, but he’s our p@#*, but well played u mancs, 3 points to the good
    Yesterday at 10:49am · Like.

    Mohammed Laher
    Amazing in all the comments liverpool fans choose to quote fergie’s comments on suaraz only but leave out wat he said about evra. He’s right suarez gesture was unsporting, wat ever your issues shake the guys hand. Same interview quote SAF “Evra shouldn’t have jumped in front of Suarez in celebration at the end,” he added. “He shouldn’t have done that.”
    Yesterday at 11:02am · Like.

    Nadim Waja
    Agreed Mr. Laher. On the other hand King Kong Kenny can’t admit what his player did was wrong… Typical scum scouser
    Yesterday at 11:03am · Like.

    Nadim Waja
    The Boss condemned Evra’s exuberant post-match celebrations, saying: “He shouldn’t have done that,” after revealing that he had discussed the matter with his stand-in captain this morning.
    “I couldn’t believe it, I just could not believe it,” he said. “Patrice and I had a chat this morning and he said: ‘I’m going to shake his hand. I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of, I want to keep my dignity’, and he refuses!
    “He (Suarez) is a disgrace to Liverpool football club – that player should not be allowed to play for Liverpool football club again. The history that club’s got, and he does that… in a situation. Kenny said in an interview ” I think you bang out of order to blame Luiz Saurez for anything that happened”

    Mohammed Laher
    Swoosh u focusing on the wrong thing here. The result and performance was the most important thing. Who cares about the rest, we played a masterclass in passing and attacking football and picked up 3 vital points in the chase for the prem title. Scholes is still a master. All the histrionics and antics before and after is academic and the result is all that matters.
    Yesterday at 12:38pm · Like.

    Yusuf Bhamjee
    You guys are a bunch of hypocrites….all of you! You all seem to forget that fergie was fined in 99 for racially abusing Italians, when Ian Wright told fergie that he was called a ‘Ni%%er’ by schmeicle he said he didn’t hear anything! Who heard Suarez call evra a ‘negrito’? not even his own team mates seemed to on the field but you fuckers here know the whole truth! Oh and by the way, calling someone #####, @@@@@ or ######### all all derogatory terms and I’m sure you guys never use terms like these….least of all r @@@@@@ and $$$$$$! Looks like we got a case of the pot calling the kettle black ( no pun intended)

    21 hours ago · Like.

    Mohammed Laher Credit to Suarez and Dalglish. They had the dignity to stand up and admit their mistake. They have issued an apology.
    16 hours ago · Like.

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