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Kuyt sent the kop into raptures

JIHAD ABUS vs ALIS again and the rivalry was intense. Once again we silenced the MANCS as the Dutchman Dirk Kuyt pounced on EVRAS header to put Liverpool ahead after Park cancelled out Aggers opener. The banter on Facebook and Blackberry was fierce as jokes and comments rang out. In 4 days we beat both teams in Manchester. I was really happy taking this result. With Brighton looming in the 5th round we stand a good chance of getting two types of silver ware this season. The introduction of Bellamy and the exit of Charagher and Scholes perhaps paved the way for the winner.

It was destined for a draw and I think the MANCS would have had the better of us at Old Trafford. I called it 2-1 and a great JIHAD win on the blog. I open the comments.

Thta night it was a great sight to see many bitter MANCS out and about. For now we winning the battles and if we beat them in the league we Win the War this season

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  • Via Facebook
    January 30, 2012 at 4:17 pm Reply

    Ismail Moosa Shouldn’t be proud to just nick it especially with our line up! De gea poor on second too. Carrol still a flop!!!

    Naseem Mayet
    nick it !!!Issy. guess FA CUP and Carling Cup will give us two trophies

    Aadil Lakhi
    Congrats. This twat da gea is pathetic. Beaten at his near post for the winner. Terrible throughout. Time to pension him.

    Yusuf Wadee
    Well balanced team…good defence…too good for United.

    Naseem Mayet
    Carrol was influential..even if he didnt score..still kak though, but did the job

    Ismail Moosa
    Come on swoosh scholes was bossing it out there, taking him off was turning point! Scored from two mistake otherwise didn’t look like scoring
    Besides u guys only turn up against the big boys wouldn’t be a surprise if Cardiff beats u

    Ismail Ravat Ebrahim

    Mohamed Feroz Liverpool
    dump both Man Teams out the cups……

    Yusuf Seth
    You won the battle, war is far from over!
    Naseem Mayet
    The 12th Man

    Goolam Valodia
    Both goals…Impossible to defend like that in both the goals…really amateur.

    Naseem Mayet
    I was standing outside my house now. Wearing a Liverpool kit. This Car stopped and the Gent in Man City kit and the gent in Man Utd kit said. Howsit DADA. I said Im a Mayet. Now I catch up 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Ismail Ravat Ebrahim
    Phenomenal, NO other stadium on the planet can even come close to matching ANFIELD! Guess who’s back: LUIS SUAREZ, what’s the odds he scores against the Mancs next week!!!

    Ismail Ravat Ebrahim
    Having LUCAS Back in town has already made an impact on the Reds! Brilliant

    Ismail Ravat Ebrahim
    The Mancs can now turn their attention to the EUROPA cup! Hahahahahaha

    Moe Cassim
    Took the americans atom bombs to destroy a city..took us 4 days

    Azhar Moola YNWA-
    You Will Never Wank Alone

    Naseem Mayet
    comon azhar, be a sport gatuss. give us credit

    Michael Ferreira
    Manchester United Controled the Game Till Scholes was replaced, AF Made 2 Mistakes today, Playing De Gea who Clearly does not have the goods, Beaten in the AIR everytime and at the Near Post, Extremely Poor and haveing Changed Scholes. Scholesy even with his Mature age controled the Midfield, once he left and only then were Liverpool able to Play.

    Fayaaz Hadjee
    We rule Manchester!

    Ismail Ravat Ebrahim ?@Azhar you TWAT!
    @Moe Cassim- Brilliant

    Azhar Moola
    This season been been a humbler, need a keeper who instills confidence especially when back 4 changing week 2 week.
    But I ask u scousers this is ur team looking for gud cup runs or something more? What has kenny done different to Rafa or Houlier?

    Naseem Mayet ?
    @Michel @Issy. Yes you cant replace experience. I too was shocked at Fergies decision to play De Gea. My father was cursing Sir Alex when he seen De Gea. For a massive game the lads confidence was rattled after the first goal and hes been struggling since. Shmeics and van de Sar were massive in the past

    Fayaaz Hadjee
    De Gea is the goalkeeping version of Carrol n Torres
    Naseem Mayet
    ?@Azhar Kenny got us playing again. Yes we not getting results but we playing as opposed to the past. The board put Carrol am I correct. Other than that Kenny bought well.Do you not remember the Kop singinging Happy Birthday to the King last time. League is dead. If its two cups .Well go for Chloe and Courtney. Next year we take Kim Kardashin, The EPL.

    Azhar Moola
    Lol. Kim is the epitome, she don’t comes easily.

    Ismail Ravat Ebrahim Taking it all into consideration, what a way to bring up your 50th GOAL! Well up Dirky

    Naseem Mayet
    Hes a hard grafter Kuyt, I loved the emotion of Suarez in the stands

    Ismail Ravat Ebrahim
    We just can’t get enough, we just can’t get enough,….LUIS SUAREZ

    Yusuf Seth
    Gattus you must first do a job on Susan Boyle aka Carling Cup before you can even dream of the Kardashians.

    Mohammed Mayet
    You okes r flippen bitter man..

    Yusuf Seth
    And you Okes are cheery when your scum lose?

    Naseem Mayet
    Special at mansoors @fordsburg, sweetmeats for bitter mouths. I recommend the jelebi. A juve victory will kop off a sweet weekend
    kENNY , Wenger , fergie , Redknapp and Boas sitting in a pub .Wehnger goes and buys the first round of drinks , Boas second , Redknapp 3rd , Fergie 4th and Kenny buys the next but fergie complains “Where’s mine ?!” kenny replies “Sorry Pal, this is the 5th round and your not in it “……eishX_X

    Thirusha Pather
    ?@ michael 100% admire ppl who can read the game as a goalkeeper u hav 2 options once u make a decision 2 come out u have 2 get the ball or else u stay on your line; @naseem I made 2 predictions @ da start of the epl de gea will b a big money flop which will allow liverpool 2 pip the mancs @ the post u guys were just 2 weak 2 do so with all his blunders u r nowhere close, I think kenny’s purchases were poor eg downing was not even a star @ av, henderson is a small team player & da list goes on liverpool supporters hav 4gotten how big a club liverpool really were

    Zeyad Patel Van-der-sar next out of retirement?

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