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Like I said silverware for us at this stage is silverware. I sum it up by saying that “Kim is also a Kardashian and so is Chloe.If days are dark and friends are few than she will go down”

As a Liverpool fan Im happy that we at least progressed to the final. Cardiff should be a walk in the park. Stuff the curse.We cant lose against Cardiff. Last night Bellamy was in fine form as he sent Liverpool through to the final. Earlier on De Jong of all people fired City into the lead. Stevei G was clinical and like all other goalkeepers that played against Liverpool Joe Hart was outsatnding. He saved a string of attacks and then Dzeko punished us. Thats when I thought we in for a long night and an exit. But up stepped Bellas and in a neat one two he beat Hart.Its off to Wembley we go. One half of Manchester down.The other to go

Elsewhere it was the El CLassico again and this time Mourinho can smile of getting slightly further. Madrid won the battel but lost the war. From the highlights I seen Messi and Ronaldo were both up to it. Barca surrendered a 2-0 lead and Madrid clawed their way back. 2-2 it finished and with a Ramos red card. Barca go through on aggregate

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    January 26, 2012 at 1:29 pm Reply

    Goolam Valodia
    Well deserved…

    Naseem Mayet
    Well we had to take our chances. Somebody give that man a bells @chi chi if he comes on

    Goolam Valodia
    Joe Hart Kept City in the game…

    Yeah don’t think city will be too hurt by the exit, trophy is a trophy

    Memz Wadee Bellers man of the is a machine..ran himself into the ground for the an learn.

    Naseem Mayet But we gotta take our chances. Could have killed the game earlier

    Tata Madala weren’t you a toffees fan, or was that bru?

    Aadil Lakhi Congrats scousers

    Naseem Mayet Na that was my bro tata. In the days of kevin sheedy, gary lineker. He had the nec kit with the cap, he was a toffee fan correct

    Naseem Mayet I’m waiting for an ali to say its just the carling cup. @mamadoo and toby. Kim is a kardashian, but if she’s out of reach chloey will go down when days are dark and friends are few

    Ahmed Ismail Atlast

    Mohammed Amien
    Rajah swoosh get a garmin you guys need directions to wembley

    Mohamed Feroz ?1 Man team down 1 to go ….

    Naseem Mayet bozza Kim is a kardashian, but if she’s out of reach chloey will go down when days are dark and friends are few

    Mohamed Feroz Cup is Cup…..its silverware… Besides we have won it 5 Times ….are u even playing champions league …..No ….We Will go to Wembley n lift the trophy …We will also knock u out the FA CUP

    Naseem Mayet Waja Bozza. Saturday is a big game 🙂
    2 hours ago · Like.

    Ahmed Ismail Osbro or adams

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