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Arsenal and Man United have always had tough encounters

I watched the game with my oom Aziz Loonat. A passionate MANC and ofcourse my toppie who has set himself up with a new lazy boy, flat screena and HD and ofcourse his Rothmans Red. I love watching a MANC game with these two guys. I think its one of the only times I hear my father swear so much when the MANCS are playing bad. Evans and Ferdinand always Kop abuse from the timer. Anyway the MANCS deserved the three points why lie. After Valencia put them ahead the MANCS should have been three up but ofcourse like always they scored crucially before half time. The game was destined to go the MANCS way as myself and Aziz watched. I often mentioned Oxley Chamberlain and his pace.And on the counter just like the old days the lighties burst of pace saw Van Persies intellegent run converted.1-1 and game on. And then for the firts time I actually seen the Emirates crowd boo at the substitution. Wenger brought on Ashavin for Oxley Chamberlain.No what kind of a f#$king sub is that. Firstly the Rusian is not liked by the Emiratey and I could here Moosa Areff and Jive Bhamjee crying from my lounge. And then Ashavin coudlnt defend and Wellbeck fired the MANCS into the lead and gave them 3 points. Thats it.As simple as that.But what was Arsene thinking

Earlier on I felt for Harry and Spurs  in a pulsating affair. City were 2-0 up and sailing. David Silva again, Class. But Spurs came back through Defoe and a rasper from Bale ….2-2. And in the last second Ledley King fouled Balotelli and the Italian converted. 3-2 to City.

But I agree with angry MANCS that Balotelli shouldnt have been on the pitch. City deserved to go to ten men. Once agin the trouble maker deliberately stepped on Scott Parkers head. Super Mario as controversial as ever. I wonder if he will fire Italy to glory in Euro 2012

Does he make the Premiership a better place

Chelsea also floundered and the young manager AVB’s side could muster a dissapointing draw against Norwich. Martin O Neils reputation grows stronger as he prospers with Sunderland and ofcourse theres Liverpool

Should I say anything. A pathetic 3-1 loss to Bolton. I asked Cisse the die hard Liverpool fan for his comments and all he said was “Disappointing, We played with no pace and tactics”. Is Kennys job secure?

Thats all Im gonna say

In LA Liga many reports are suggesting a revolt against Jose Mourinho but his Madrid side thumped Bilbao 4-1. Barcelona were also 4-1 winners with a Lionel Messi hattrick. I watched the highlights.The boy was class.Simply Class.

In Serie A its hot at the top with Juve,Inter and Milan all winning. But for me it was fantastic.I watched the Atlanta gmae and seen Andrea Pirlos magic. Juve beat them 2-0 and are crowned winter Champions. A long way to go, but at the moment,Im proud being a Bianconero

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Comments (3)

  • lånigt
    January 23, 2012 at 6:19 pm Reply

    howdy-do. Amazing text and a amazing blog

  • Moosa Areff
    January 23, 2012 at 8:38 pm Reply

    In ARSENE we trust……. not totally convinced of it anymore

    • admin
      January 23, 2012 at 10:02 pm Reply

      Why did Wenger or how could Wenger make such a terrible sub. Im still in shock Moosa

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