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Germany vs Spain at the Moses Mabida was epic

Hoosains cousins dropped us off at 5 am at the airport. Excited and lack off sleep I figured Id have two hours or so in the plane. The airport was electric. Fans heading toward Durban. So it was football and all German and Spanish colors. We chatted to some England fans that were loving South Africa. Good thing we caught our flight early as we didnt know the mayhem that was about to happen.

I thought I would get some sleep on the plane but the gentleman sitiing next to me was from America and we began chatting. He attended every World Cup since 1982 and said that SA 2010 was the best World Cup hed ver been too. We chatted soccer and World Cup great moments. He said to me “Young Man Im amazed by your football Knowlege.” I was pulling names like Fontain,Yashin, Puskas,Tostao and Riva. Hoosain just laughed and let me be.
The American said that hed been watching games in Soweto and the Shebeens and he was shocked that the negative press about crime and violence was so wrongly portrayed Overseas.

Yousuf Kadwa and Freds were already in Durban and booked into our accomodation. The Road Lodge in centre town. I was broken and we had to get some sleep in order to enjoy the semi final in Durban and the party at night,Oh well for us Single guys at least. Our Lodge was next to McDonalds so that was a blessing. It was always buzzing and yeah quick food


Our comfy acomodation

We got some much needed rest in the afternoon. I just had to. I needed to be in full flight for the eveneing. At about 6pm Moe and Faaiz reached Durban from Cape Town. A massive drive. These guys did milage this World Cup. We regrouped,Moe mixed us some Anabolic Nitro formula and we walked to the beach front and the Durban Fan Mile which was buzzing and fantastic. A prefect mood to get in before kick off. As usual we met the fans,performed with our trophy and myseld and Hoosain went to our seats.


German Fans before Kick Off
The view from our category four seats. The atmosphere was electric

As we made our to our category three seats I seen the Magic of the Moses Mabida stadium.We had an exellent view. This was going to be a cracker. Killa was nervous throughout and this was a massive game for him

And as Shosholoza rang out in the stadium.We knew the time had come[youtube]AJow95Gtm7w[/youtube]

The atmosphere was electric as we watched the Spanish try to out wit the Germans. But the Germans were not looking like the side that beat giants before them and as the game went on it was Puyol that headed the Spanish into the Final. And for the many Spanish Fans that made their way to Durban we went and celebrated with them.

Ofcourse we learnt during the game of the many flights that were redirected to JHB because of airport congestion. I mean thats absurd. Can you imagine fans that waited four years to watch their team in a World Cup Semi Final only to be told in the air that they couldnt land. Thats heartbreaking. So close but yet so far. The money spent. Madness I tell you. Fortunately we caught our flight early and were saved. But my heart went out to the Spanish and German fans

Here was an article from a website

Some unlucky fans never managed to make it the port city and ended up stuck on the ground at the airport in Johannesburg, 520 kilometres away, Radio 702 reported.

The chaos was at King Shaka International Airport, which opened on May 1.

Halfway through one Durban-bound flight, the captain announced that he would be turning back to Johannesburg where the plane landed at 7 pm, Radio 702 reported.

Passengers hurled abuse at the crew when told they would have to remain on the plane after it landed, meaning they would not be able to watch the game.

Among those stranded at Johannesburg airport was South African singer Danny K, who was scheduled to perform in Durban.

‘Were back down on the ground in Johannesburg and at the moment are waiting for space to free up at the Durban airport. It was a sad scene on the plane of Spanish and German supporters,’ he told the broadcaster.

An Airports Company South Africa spokesman denied a lack of parking spaces at King Shaka International was responsible for the chaos.

‘On the ground where Im standing now, aircraft are being accommodated. So we do have capacity to park. There is an issue around the air traffic and congestion in that area,’ spokesman Colin Naidoo said.

Earlier, officials had to reopen the old Durban International Airport to accommodate dozens of charter flights bringing VIPs to the semi-final.

The airport was decommissioned to make way for the larger King Shaka airport.

But the Spanish were celebrating and we were too. As for KILLA there was no sign of him at this point

Spanish Fans celebrate after the match
Spanish fans were jubilant




Finally as we walked out of the stadium we seen a gutted Killa. I mean I never even seen him in this state. He was in tears. We consoled him. An Aunty from Durban even walked past and said “Maboi Its just a Game”. I captured the footage. Truely memmorable. The man didnt talk to anybody








After the game we took a walk back to our Hotel,grabbed a McDonalds and met an NBA Basketball star inside. Then the single guys went to Cubana in Florida road and partied with the fans. Tomorrow evening myself and Hoosain were flying back home 🙂


Meanwhile Ebie,my bro Faheem and Firaz were still in Cape Town and watched the game at the Fan Park. They said it was sublime

The Lads enjoying the Fan Park in Cape Town



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