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The Masajee is a crazy cricket fan who well doesnt hold back. He prefers to be anonymous but has extreme passion for the Game. He Doesnt like Cricket. He loves it. And he can fight you for it.

I always like catching up with the Masajee.He doesnt hold anything back. So Heres a bit more on him. He has seen all from Trevor “Barnacle” Baily,Jackie McGlu, Bobby Simpson,Dennis Compton,Bill Lawry to the present greats.He is 66 years old and a man of cricketing experience. He played cricket from 1963-1983. He is Indian and represented Nataaal B during apartheid and was also selected for Nataaal. He is an allrounder

He says in the last couple of years Cricket has evolved from a dreary game to and exciting Game. On the Proteas he was straight to the point. He says the Proteas have no Imagination whatseover. He said the reason why they lost the final ODI against the Ozzies was they didnt follow the Basic rules of batting. When the ball is behind the batsman,the Non Striker has to call, He has to Shout NOOOOO! and turn his back to the striker. Also he says when Kallis was out SA should have sent in Botha with the  instruction to get us 30 runs within 30 balls. He also said that the Captain Amla should have adjusted his field and slips as two catches went a begging in the same place as before after the Sean Marsh let off.

222 odd.Its a bloody joke to defend.He said its better to get 240 in 45 overs than finish with wickets in hand in 50 overs.

On Amlas captaincy he said he coped well but didnt learn any lessons from the previous matches.”Amla knew very well that Jhonson,Haddin and Clarke will always pull the ball over the fielders. He said the Bowlers should have been instructed to bowl full.

He also said currently in World Cricket all teams are beatable and this is South Africas best chance to stage dominance And the Proteas stand a good chance of beating the Ozzies in the Test matches provided they do their homework

He feels that the bowlers should bowl 2-5 inches outside offstump with the ball coming in the the batsmen.

His take on Grame Smith was that he has had his days and should be on his way out.

SA Have always been a defensive team. The problem with them is that they have no confidence in their youngsters. What happened to Morne van Wyk he shouted. Why bring back Mark Boucher from the Pastures.” I mean what kind. Do I smell a third force” said the Masajee. He said Morne is attacking and is the right man to open with Amla. Even if he gets 30 in 20 balls thats what we want. He also slammed the Proteas for not knowing what to do during the POWER PLAYS. 4 overs and 11 runs.Reediculous he said

On Tahir he said he should play and is more attacking. He yelled that Harris is a negative bowler. Kirsten must use his head when selecting the bowlers.

On Kallis he maintained that he is the worlds best all rounder and he still has cricket in him. T20 Cricket has improved his game tremendously


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