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As the second MATCHDAY in Europe concluded it was only Carlos Tevez that made the headline. Pundits like Graeme Souness have launched scathing attacks on Tevez. The man refused to go on when Mancini told him too. Is this correct on behalf of the Apache Tevez. He clearly stated how unhappy he was and now he slaps Mancini in the face like this. To make matters worse City and their billions were losers and start their Champions League campaign in a shaky way. A guy yesterday said that MANCINI is a druk (slang for a tosser) and treats the City players like they are litys. However I still believe If you are a player and a Sportsman it is your duty to take the field when asked. I guess its true about the phrase that “Money Cant buy you Happiness”

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Bayern showed they prowess by beating City 2-0. In other news AC Milan,Barcelona and Real Madrid all won convincingly. Arsenal beat Olympiakos and Chelsea drew.

As for the MANCS they were fired by the Frei brothers. Alex Ferguson must have been fuming after the MANCS uncharacteristicly gave away a two goal lead,went behind and stole at the death thanks to a clinical header by Ashley Young. 2 out of 2 draws for Sir Alex.Im sure he must be fuming as the MANCS have an easy group.

Sir Alex must have been fuming


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