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A female victim emailed me and said Swoosh you could publish the THEORY OF COCKJACKED so please here my story and warn helpless female victims. She came forward and Here is her story. It concerns being CAT (pussy cat) Jacked. Now for those of you that want to go back to when I got COCK JACKED (See Below) Well anyways She was going to work and turned into Smith Street at about 7:30 am. Now she siad she had just earlier stopped over at the Shell Select and bought a sausage pie and a Hot Dog for breakfast. As she worked her way into the hot dog and came to the vienna part this Indian gentleman in his early 40s,Yes Well dressed approached her window. he smiled and as she took a bite of her Hot Dog he pointed down to his crotch. She said she seen this massive weapon or ok Let me rephrase this….This massive Penis..Sorry but news is news and we gotta report it. As she stared and opened her Window this man then seemed to have his eye on her handbag or Cellphone.

He was wearing a jeans,Grey T Shirt and a black check fleece jacket. As she sped off he waved and pointed back to this massive thing. The victim says that she first thought he pulled out a snake and that was why she scram and was afraid. Then she realised that this was no snake,only a trouser snake.

Reports say that this Smith Street Cock Flasher uses this to get women in  a trans and then tries his thing. The victim has said Swoosh Please warn all Female readers about THE SMITH STREET COCK FLASHER and said she was so afraid of the ordeal. SHE ALMOST GOT CAT JACKED

She also said that eating a HOT DOG at the time made it worst. But she came forward to save other women from the trauma and maybe a Hijacker

Swoosh0018 offers condolences to the victim and her friends and would like to tell our female readers to please exercise caution when travelling on Smith Street. Be Carefull.


True story that happened to me

we have heard about being Hijacked but has anybody ever been CockJacked.
Ok so I was thinking should I write this post or shouldnt I.Then I said If I come forward I will actually save many marriages,relationships and wallets.
So perhaps me talking about my experience will save so many lives and will prevent sadness and mayhem as well as financial hastles.
So here is my story,a true story and by me coming forward I reiterate again that I will save many many victims especially when Days are Dark and friends are few and teh NAFS gets the better of you.

So heres my story.It was jumma time and I was walking form the Plaza to the shop.
This Mercedes drove past me and inside was an elderly lady in her forties I think.Not bad,dressed in an Abaya.She stops the car next to me and rolls down the window and says “How you Maboy.Ah know you from somewhere” To which I replied “No I dont think so” She asked.Where are you off to. I said “The Shop” I thought she needed help or something.
Next thing she smiles at me and says “Jump inside Ma Boy il take you for a drive and make it worth It” And Il stop on the corner and give you ma number.”
Eish.I said look Its Mosque time and I need to go.She said “Jump in man” Il give you a rub.
Thats when I pulled out the ficticious Wife Card and said. “Aunty My Wife is waiting for me at the Shop”
She pulled to the corner saw I wasnt coming and sped off.

Apparently regarding this tactic,4 victims have come forward.Obviously we cannot name them but they fell victim.They sat next to her,Got rubbed and blown apparently and when they left the Vehicle their wallets were Gone.
So Im not making stories here.This is a WARNING or ACHTUNG DANGER GEVAAR INKOSI To all the weak men that can fall victim to this form of hijacking known as cockjacking.
So Before its too late and you have to explain to your wife where her 4000 Abaya money or Jimmy Choo Money went you in a spot of bother. So Be Carefull .
Hell if it wasnt Jumma I probably would have been at The Police Station waiting for a case number and phoning the BANKS to to cancel my cards.
Be Careful Lads.We are Not Alone and we are Being Watched

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  • Rita Dhaliwal
    November 15, 2011 at 1:13 pm Reply

    I hate when someone judging me with no reason ! I don’t give a damn

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