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When we remember Wimbledon the name Stefan Edberg always comes to mind. The ice cool Swede like predecessors Borg and Wilander epitomised the Serve and Volley game on Centre Court. That time Wimbledon was renouned for Trevor Quirks commentary and the fierce Rivalry between Becker and Edberg. But Wimbledon was about Serve and Volley and Edberg in his prime did it like no other. Ice cool and a deft touch this man won titles without power,just simple grace and elegance. Edberg had a kicking serve with enough topspin to enable him to execute his volleys. His backhand was a single handed one and Edberg in full cry was a pleasure to watch. He was also known for his cool manners on the court. In an era when tennis had characters this man was up there.I remember when okes used to be spotted wearing the Adidas Edberg Range. What a thing. Remember Garys Track and Field from the Plaza.Yes they had it

The Edberg Adidas Range was classic
Edberg was perfect for the Adidas Range and equipped with the Wilson Pro Staff when it was Wimbledon on TV and Edberg played Everyone wanted to Volley. Former number one and Grand Slam winner Stefan Edberg is this weeks LEGEND THAT SHOOK THE BLOG


We miss you Stefan…..a legend indeed

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