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I was at a wedding on Saturday afternoon and evening so I missed all the action of the World Cup Final. It was a close friend and a beautiful wedding. We checked our phones as we sat on the dinner table and when news broke that India were Champions I could only imagine the Eurphoria in India and well in Fordsburg. Sri Lanka thanks to a splendid centuary posted a defendable 270 which I thought was a winning score. When they got Sehwag and Tendulkar early india and a nation were worried. But a fantastic innings from Gautum Ghambir and MS Doni saw India home with three overs to spare. After the controversial coin toss which saw Sangakara call Heads and the referee couldn’t hear. Then they tossed again ad Sangakara called heads and batted first. Crazy . Wessels and Pollock in the studio added controversy by saying they were confident Sangakra called heads.
For a World Cup Final its absolutely ludicrous. The Match Referee should at least stand nearer to the players.
BUT IN THE END INDIA deservedly won to claim their position as the Best in The World. They deserved it. They had the Firepower, the crowd and ofcourse the BMT.
In Gary Kirsten and his team they had what it takes to win a major International Competition.
As Kirsten is chased by the Proteas the nation of India celebrates .When I got home and watched the highlights and news it mus have been incredible as it always id when your country hosts a massive tournament and eventually wins.
The streets of Fordsburg were also madness. I missed it so If ayone has pictures or videos please email
But for Now its congratulations TEAM INDIA

World Cup Victory: Greatest gift for Sachin tendulkar


What a match ……that was…world cup final ,Mumbai ,the great sachin tendulkar and the astonishing victory for india…As an Indian I can tell you no feeling can match this…we are now the champions of the world,ask any Indian..they all will say now we can die in peace ..such is the effect of this great win.

Sachin tendulkar is without any doubt INDIA’s PROUDEST POSSESION.We Indians love him and respect him like god ,it takes a superhuman effort to carry the expectations of such a emotional and sometimes mad nation.The master batsman had been doing all this for us for about 21 years .This world cup was perhaps his last one and now he can proudly say he had nothing to achieve ,no feet in world cricket is now untouched by this little genius .Everyone says sachin is great ,but his effect and his charisma is not limited to the cricket field. Cricket is like a religion in India. In 1983 when Kapil and his team won the World cup it marked the beginning of the development of a great country india ..In 90’s we progressed and became a good developing nation .India is country which needs superstars ,the people they can look upon as role models and the people who are worthy of their respect and love .In modern india there is a man who is top on that list ,his name is SACHIN TENDULKAR. India’s progress is very much like Indian cricket team .Now both India and its cricket teams are termed as superpowers.

I would like to thank dhoni,yuvraj and all others who helped india as well as its most beloved son in relishing their biggest dream .The impact of sachin tendulkar on india can be simply’s understood by listening to what virat kohli said after carrying the maestro on his shoulder “This goes out to all the people of India. This is my first World Cup; I can’t ask for more. Tendulkar has carried the burden of nation for 21 years; It was time we carried him”.You can now understand what this man had done for our country .

I may sound emotional and tears are rolling down my eyes while writing this but now I can proudly say “SACHIN TENDULKAR IS GREATEST CRICKETER OF WORLD AND MOST LOVED INDIAN AFTER MAHATMA GANDHI “.

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The world at their feet
India had a double reason to celebrate on Saturday the 2nd April. Mahendra Singh Dhoni inspired his team to a world cup triumph on home soil and the Indian tennis pair of Mahesh Bhupati and Leander Paes won a doubles title in Miami to go to number one in the world! It was a perfect sporting weekend. Well, almost perfect. For the fanatics, a Sachin Tendulkar century would have put the icing and the cherry on a very big cake.

The previous weekend, the nation also had two of the Force India cars finish in the top ten of the opening round of the Formula1 world championship in Australia. All this success is symptomatic of the global position India has taken as a rapidly growing economic giant. Dominating the sporting stage in different parts of the world is fast becoming a trait that the country is beginning to enjoy. It was unheard of for the Indians to perform beyond their boundaries, aside from the men’s hockey teams that have won gold medals in Olympics and Commonwealth games.

India, as world champions in ODI’s and as the number one ranked nation in Test cricket, is rightly on top of the world. The promise and possibilities to be the best was always in evidence. Now a combination of an excellent captain who is fearless, a genius of a coach with multiple talents and disciplines, a batting colossus, and a depth of talent ensured sweet success.

Under Saurav Ganguly’s leadership, the team was no longer ‘Cinderella’s’ and began winning Test matches and One day Internationals beyond the sub-continent. Winning Test series has still been a bugbear, but it looks pretty clear that they will overcome that jinx. They must win series more regularly away from home to be able to dominate like the West Indies and Australia have done recently.

Gary Kirsten has moulded an imaginative and an efficient band of players that have made winning a good habit. They now play with an uplifting and self-assured style under Dhoni, who whilst he has brought a unique brand to captaincy, will attest to the structures and approach that Ganguly inspired.

A larger number of fast bowlers who can also swing the ball are emerging at the same time in Indian cricket. They are spoilt for choice and this could indeed begin to make them a force in the world, if properly managed. They have the money, the structures and a new found mentality to dominate for a long time.

With Kirsten now on a well deserved sabbatical, and a new coach set to take over, it will be interesting to see who it will be and how his style could impact on the winning ways of Dhoni and Kirsten. A greater challenge and key aspect is to see how they manage beyond the Tendulkar era. The nation thrives and heaves and breathes on the success of Tendulkar. Cricket without him is unimaginable. His career has straddled three decades spanning 21 years. The batting genius has yet to commit to retirement in Test’s and ODI’s. In the meantime, he can continue to entertain the world.

…………..a country at their throats!!

What about the Proteas? How and why did they lose to the weakest team in the last eight? Was it complacency or over-confidence, bad planning and selection, at the last hurdle? It is a combination of the above and more. The talk of Mark Boucher and Albie Morkels absence as the root cause is pure hogwash. Yes they have the abilities, but did they achieve when their world cup opportunities were presented? No! A bold bit of selection was necessary.

Everyone has a solution in hindsight; the truth is, since the dismal loss no one has really put a suggestion or idea forward to convince or pinpoint the real reasons. The real issue was to play an extra batsman and the leadership were loath of dropping either Johan Botha or Morne Morkel for Colin Ingram.

Yes they did ‘choke’ but the noose was pulled by Daniel Vettori’s intelligent and cunning captaincy. You rarely come up or see that type of imaginative leadership. Only great naval war skippers are known to outfox and outwit their enemy with such precision and bravery. On that fateful night, it took a genius to bury South Africa and the team and he had the weakest of resources at his disposal. The batsmen failed to see what was coming and had no plan to counter-attack.

South Africa too have to deal with the post Graeme Smith era. The new captain and coach have some time to put plans in place, until the world cup comes round in 2015. New blood has to be introduced. Jacque Kallis must play a guiding role in the middle order at five or six and step aside after 18 to 24 months. When players have had a four year preparation period, they will have played an average of 15 ODI’s in a year; 60 by 2015 with enough experience to take on the world once again.

And Congratulations to the Winner of the 2011 World Of Samoosas Fantasy World Cup Cricket tournament. Naeem Valley.

The man paced himself well and pushed forward at the end. We will present him with his award when we see him. Check the blog for details. He was pursued closely by Faheem Mohdien and in third place we had Mohammed Ebrahim. Well done lads. Naeem Valley also finished 9th in the Global League. Thats a great achievement from one of the Swoosh0018 Lads.

1 naeem vallee Who bought the 6iix 9 842 1264.6 11381
2 Faheem Modhien Bhais Boys 16 857.5 1249.2 11243
3 Mohammed Ebrahim Mo6s 29 809 1238.9 11150.5
4 muhammad majid majid 55 843 1220.6 10985.5
6 Mohsin Seth Moccas Magicians 193 749.5 1182.2 10640
7 Hussein Alli IllUMINATI 259 782 1171.9 10547.5
8 Deon Moyce Deezo 313 749 1164.8 10483.5
9 Riyad Loonat Real Champions 433 810 1150.5 10354.5
10 yumnah mayet yumnah 461 749 1148.1 10332.5

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