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So the big game between India and Pakistan took place yesterday in Mohali. It was huge. India beat Pakistan. The match cetainly lived up to expectations with the Pakis 30 odd runs short of the victory target. They paced themselves slowly but the pressure beagn mounting. Silly wickets by the top order and when Shahid Afridi went Pakistan fans knew that the end was near. The Hazrats were gutted but at the end of the day we have a final with two form teams.India and Sri Lanka.Both of them playing exellent cricket.
I told Hazrat how can Pakistan expect to win if they dropped Sachin tendulkar three times.Or was it four.
Earlier on the crowds were going mad in the Plaza. They were chanting after every wicket or boundary.
One Indian fan even told me that on Saturday the streets wont be as mad as last night.He said Mint Road interupted only beacuse it was India vs Pakistan which was a FINAL to them.
Naeem Subwear was in Fordsburg last night and so I made a turn. We got some exellent footage.
The Pakis were gone,India were in the final and the fans were going crazy.
In the tone of E News Vanessa Govender.”This is Naseem Mayet reporting from a makeshift Mohali in mint Road Fordsburg”


In India there was plenty of jubilation on the streets as well.

We shot a video with i-phone andsynchronised it straight to Youtube to try to capture the madness on Mint Road

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