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Lampard sinks the MANCS

After Chelseas victory…Sunday is Massive.Have your Say?
The difference between a Liverpool fan and a Man United hater

By Maria Xing (Other posts by Maria Xing)

Throughout your lifetime, I’m sure you’ve heard mind boggling yet simple questions before, like, “Why did the chicken cross the road?”, “What is the meaning of life?”, and “Why are Ancelotti’s eyebrows a species of their own?”

I think it’s time to tackle one related to all of us Reds. So folks, tell me: what is the difference between a Liverpool fan and a Man United hater?

It seems that the two go hand-in-hand, however, there are actually intricate details separating the two. I’ll state my opinion first. I am first and foremost a Liverpool fan. No, I’m not just a fan. I am a supporter who bleeds Red, just like all of you. Secondly, I am a football fan and as such have the utmost respect for United and their achievements. That’s certainly not to say I like to see them do well. I don’t , of course, but I certainly don’t hate them. Their CLUB has contributed too much to English football to be scorned. Certainly, there are individuals who I would not mind doing a Nigel DeJong on, namely Wayne Rooney, but that is beside the point. “No player is bigger than the club,” as our beloved Kenny Dalglish once said.

This leads me to my next point. Kenny was speaking about OUR club. OUR club always comes first. We should focus on our well-being before Man United’s ill-being. Too many self-declared fans are concerned with bringing our rivals down that they forget about our own team. Look at where we are now. We’re 6th on the table and MAY still have a chance of getting fourth. The chances are looking bleak after our clash against West Ham, but it’s still within the realm of possibility. If Chelsea lose today, and continue losing, we may still have a chance. Remember, they’ve played fewer games than we have.

If Man United manage to beat win today and win the league, I know I’ll be upset. But it is for the best. I know all of you will be upset, as they’ll be ahead of us with 19 League wins. However, records are made to be broken and we will get it back again one day. After improving from 19th to 6th on the table within months, I’m sure anything is possible. Even fourth. Even a Champions’ League spot for next season. Remember, folks, you’ll never walk alone.

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