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Last week something interesting happened. Whilst India were touring here I met Hash ofcourse. Ater we were done and Hash went his way a Indian Media representative approached me and asked me in a Punjab accent. Excuse me Sir “Will you be supporting India in the World Cup”. Did he say this because I was Indian and he assumed that I will support India. Did I look like I was from the sub-continent. Or maybe he assumed that all Indians support India since many of the foreigners from the sub-continent support India,Pakistan and Bangladesh .The foreigners of course make up a large chunk of a now cosmopolitan Fordsburg. I explained to him that I am a South African Indian and I support South Africa. I mean I am a patriot. I support the Proteas 100 percent all the way.
And then of course there will and always be one important issue. The Race and Apartheid issue in the past.
At the Wanderers when Amla walked for one a few of the Indian supporters said “Aweh,Maja toh Geow” (Now the Fun is Gone)

Last week at Newtown Mosque myself and Moe Cassim had our gear on for Protea Friday when we were approached by an Uncle in a Kurta. We knew him ofcourse. He said to us “Why are you guys supporting South Africa” I only support Amla. Moe took offence and said that how could you not support your country.And we had some banter regarding this.

Dont get me wrong I spoke to many elderly people about the horrors of Apartheid and its influence it had on Sport. Many elderly including some Plaza toppies vowed never to support South Africa because of the pain and humiliation endured. Granted….They often say that you young fellows will never understand what we went through.

The truth is we never would. Yes its 2011 and times have changed. Nelson Mandela clearly illustrated this fact when he united a nation during the rugby World Cup. For me as a South African in 1995 I felt proud. I seen a nation unite before my very own eyes. And ofcourse we have Hashim Amla who defied critics and conspiritors by doing the business in an emphatic way on the field.

So what are your views on this topic. Will this mindset ever be eradicated. Are the elderly Indian supporters justified after the horrors they endured or should they now support a United Nation. Always the race card gets thrown.Quota systems and merrit often get flung around. The Indians from the Sub Continent support India and the likes but we are South African and we love sport. I will be the first to confess that I back the Proteas 100% all the way. To win a World Cup you need a United Nation. So what are your views?


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