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FROM THE SWOOSH0018 Archives……….

While the ICC Champions Trophy is going on Cricket Fever has crept in. I just coudnt wait this week to put this post up.

For those of you who were in lenz High in 1992 this should ring a Bell. 1992 an important year for the transision from Apartheid, the Re admission into World Sport. Hell for crying out loud the only live sports we were able to see was the Inter High and Swaraj vs Bells. The only sportsman that was prevailent in the times was Krishna Pather who ably assisted Lenz High in winning many a Inter High.

Then came the moment………South Africa playing in the World Cup and Sir Conrad Hunt was coming to Lenz High to give a speech. To see anyone other than K Pather now would be sublime and it was a man who batted next to the great Gary Sobers and so Forth. Lities brought their Cricket bats for Autographs and stuff. Lenz was buzzing. Amidst the excitement people forgot that a guy called Lols  HAD SLIPPED THROUGH the wayside. Now Lols used to come through the fence in Lenz High and just make Damaal. And thats putting it lightly.

So picture the scenario, A packed assembly area listening to one of the greatest Batsman in the era after apartheid with a booming loud Mike System. LOLS in the interim hid away behind the teachers. And so SIR Conrad Hunt went rambling on in his Bohemian accent which to us apart from Afrikans and Gujrati was unique until he came to the following part about how he became great

Sir Conrad Hunt: “Creekeet wos played uz thee gem of da peppul”

“Ay Long Long Tiem Ergo myyy Father HUD A DREAM………………………….”

lols: (In a screaming voice evading the teachers yelled) “YA A WET DREAM”

The Whole school turned around in Shock, Awe, Despair, There wasnt a word to describe the scene. I mean Picture it …On the Podium stands the Greatest Batsman from the Greatest cricketing Nation talking about a dream, never ever exposed to such elements.

That was my induction to Cricket post apartheid. I could never excel in this sport since that experience.

*For the Record Lols was whisked away by the teachers like Riot Cops dragging a trouble maker. Still not to be felt outdone he began chanting numerous political slogans and thats how Lenz High will always remember Sir Conrad Hunt

May he RIP.(Conrad Hunt that is)

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