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It was goose bumps last night. When you seen the passion,the magic of Anfield. The way Liverpool played, the short passing and the embracing of the squad when a goal was scored. We were in the dolldrims before and yes we have not won the Cup Final and have not won the League but it brings joy to see Liverpool play the way they did last night. Its summed up simply by an article from Empire of the KOP. He simply could not have said it any better.

Here is the Article

Well if someone switched off their television sets on 5th January 2011 and turned it back on yesternight.. I’m sure they wouldn’t have believed it was LIVE (I understand that game might not have been on TV in the UK).

He/she would have thought- ‘This can’t be happening! Surely not!’ ‘This can’t be the 2010-11 season LFC’ ‘This can’t be the Liverpool of 30 days ago!!’ and would have been thinking ‘What the F**k!!’

Surely, one man can’t do so much. Surely one man can’t bring about so much change. Surely one man can’t make millions and millions of smile after such a smug season. Surely not. I mean, How can he?

Who gave him the right to be sooo potent? Who gave him the authority to make his predecessor look so ordinary? Who empowered him to turn the relegation scrap team into a Europe challenging team? Who does he think he is, some King?

The rhythm, the energy, the intent, the power, the stamina, the sync, the love, the camaraderie, the passing, the shooting, the defending, the marking, the pressure, the movement, the pace, the dedication, the desire, the gutso, the dreams, the passion, the belief, the ambition – how can one man change all that in so less time? How can he work the crowd to brilliantly? How can he motivate 7 continents at the same time? How can he convert some million depressed souls into people bouncing 15 hours after the game? How can he shut up the shrillest of reporters with a few words and a dry smile? How does everyone listen to what he has to say? Why do these reporters dread speaking to him? Why do these guys have to hide behind fans and still be stripped naked on live TV on their own channels? Does this guy think he is some King?

Then again, you can look at the smaller aspects of the game to know where it all changed. The first half was unfolding slowly. The crowd was silent. The players were getting into a new system. And that’s when the most potent weapon in unleashed that will change the color of the game. It wasn’t Suarez. It was the Kop. Suarez was asked to warm-up along the sidelines and the entire stadium came to life. The flavor of the game changed entirely. How can you justify a man using 42,000 players against 11? I mean, how can he do that? How do you make an entire stadium play? Who does he think he is, some sorta King?

Guys, that’s our King Kenny! Long live the king and long live his kingdom.

Thank you Sir, for bringing this smile back on my face.


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