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“FIFA Have taken us for a ride”-Uncle Dyna (In photo World of Samoosas Zaheer Bayant)
These were the words shared by Plazas Uncle Dyna as he and World of Samoosas Zaheer Bayant waited patiently from the crack of dawn and FNB Plaza only went online at about 14:30. Ridiculous. People were queuing…..My bro told me that Lenz FNB owes were waiting from Fajr and had nothing by noon as systems were offline.
I heard that at the Ticketing Offices guys were queuing from the night before. Did anyone get lucky.
Did everyone endure difficulty.Please share your experiences
Swoosh0018 was at FNB Plaza.If anyone has more pics of this fiasco please mail to

Also Mayfairs Yusuf Surtee and Yuman was waiting here from the morning.On Line at 14:30 only.You gotta be joking.
He described the experience as unacceptable

Ticketing offices in Sandton

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