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FIFA Ticketing offices in Sandton Square
When I awoke to the warm humidity and great weather of Durban I was inundated with messages of how crazy the ticketing offices were.People were queing from last night. I believe Gateway was also madness and I hope to get some pics there when I go there later. Durbz is awesome.
Anyways please leave some Comments on the ticketing Fiasco and have you guys been lucky.Did anyone get any great matches.Comments please.Was it worth it.
Im publishing the experience of an anymous oke and his views on this whole affair
Fuckin madness!

Fifa is to blame for all this, they created this demand I was in sandton at 5am this morning, left home at 4:30 When i got there i was number 462 in que some guys were there from 1pm yesterday.
People were fighting and tempers flying at FNB WHERE I WENT TO in hyde park, I was number 6 in que, stood there for 4 and half hours just 2 get 2 fuckin tickets

Fareed Kaloo sent this pic in.He tweeted he rather watch from home

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